DM009 – An FPV Quadcopter controlled by mobile and transmitter (Coupon included)


DM009 RC Quadcopter can fly around other quadcopters without to fear that it can be interfered. Thank to the anti-interference to its transmission frequency of 2.4GHz. RC enthusiasts can control several DM009 drones nearby. You can improve your pilot skills greatly with the real-time data shown on the LCD screen of the transmitter. Of course you have the unique chance of enjoying a longer and more stable flight thanks to the replaceable battery and air press altitude hold mode!


Due to 2.4GHz, you can control it with more accurate. The quadcopter responds to your commands more quickly, which makes the control at a longer distance away possible. Different hobbyists with the same type of multicopter can control their own drones without interference, as we have already said.


Through the LCD display of the transmitter you can see in real-time the battery voltage, signal strength, if you have low or high speed, throttle, direction, and even the steering angle, which can help its user improve in piloting.


DM009 can do aerobatic and can fly very steady. It can carry out 360-degree eversions forwards / backwards / leftwards / rightwards. The copter also has air press altitude hold mode, which ensures steady flight in the air.


A great and very important feature is the replaceable battery design. By this way you can have long-lasting thrill with a battery that you can easily replace with another.


DM009 is equipped with a speed switch. Low and high speed are available through the switch, so you can accelerate at any time according to the surroundings as well as your level.


DM009 can be controlled by Phone or the transmitter. It has also the ability of using WiFi FPV. Other useful functions that you can use at the DM009 are 3D rollover,Air Press Altitude Hold, Camera, Forward/backward, FPV, One Key Landing, One Key Taking Off, Turn left/right,Up/down. Control Distance is about 100-150m. DM009 has a 7.4V 600mAh battery and can fly for 10-13mins. The camera is of 0.5MP.

So if you are on the search for a Quadcopter that is easy to control and not to fear that could be mixed up with other around you, DM009 is the one you search. You can get it at a lower price, using our coupon SALE15 and get it for only  47.49usd! So what are you waiting for!?



  1. Looks like an awesome quad but nervous about picking one up since there doesn’t seem to be any spare parts or batteries for sale (yet, at least).

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