DMDG D99 Smartwatch Design, Hardware, Features Review


The DMDG D99 GPS Watch Tracker is a new generation of personal GPS tracking gadget for adult/elderly safety. It is accurate, discreet and reliable. With QuadBand GSM connectivity, the GPS Tracker works anywhere in the world. With GSM positioning and GPS positioning, user can accurately track whether the device is indoor or outdoor. With voice message, call button and two way voice function, user can have voice conversation with elderly whenever they need your help. You will enjoy a piece of mind knowing exactly where your love are.


The watch itself is made out of durable plastic. It also comes with a rubber sports strap which is sweat resistant, and designed for sport. The DMDG D99 has a OLED 0.96 inch screen display. It’s clear the display isn’t going to trouble the latest smartwatches but it does enough. In daylight you can read stats and messages quickly and clearly, and the knock-on for battery life is huge. The DMDG D99 Smartwatch will last around a month as a normal watch, and GPS tracking.


The DMDG D99 comes with a Mediatek Processor MTK6261. It doesn’t support Camera and doesn’t have slot for External memory, but only for one sim card.


DMDG D99 features a Multifunction Advanced Intelligent Core. Its the Best gift for parents, since it includes WiFI + GPS + LBS, Intercom, Alarm clock, Remote Monitor, SOS, Take-off alarm, Two-way Communication, Historical Trace, GEO-fence, No disturb, Language and time Zone, Long standby time, Pedometer, Remote turn off, Historical Trace as features. Using the WiFI + GPS + LBS automatically you can locate them using Google, baidu or gaode map support. With the GEO-fence mode, automatically alarm you when the elder is trying to get out of the safe area you have set. The alarm note will immediately come to your mobile,  to know the danger. Using the 90 days historical trace mode, you can learn and understand the habits of your parents. The DMDG D99 comes with a long standby 400 mAh battery. The smartwatch will alarm you when the power will fall below the 20%, by sending at the app of the watch a message for recharging. With the remote monitor mode you can see what your friends are doing without disturbing their normal life. With the pedometer that features, you can help your parents keep in good shape, since the smartwatch can count them and give you through the app of the mobile the distance and the consumption of calories. With the included alarm clock, your parents will never forget to get their medicines, as the DMDG D99 will always remind them to take in time.


The DMDG D99 is versatile smartwatch, since it has so many features to use. You can use it while indoors, outdoors. The DMDG D99 is rated as IP54, which means is protected from dust and from splashing with water. A very useful gift for your parents, if you worry about them. You can buy this from Gearbest for just $38.45, if you remember to apply our coupon code GB9%.


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