Do you own an Android Device? Check how you can have Google Assistant activated to you!


If you haven’t read about it, Google is trying to combine AI and what does now. I believe you must have read about it and know what the Google Assistant can do and can help you. The good thing is that is rolling out for all android devices, like Samsung devices, HTC , LG and all others. If you have an android device, you could be a candidate, but there is a catch…your device must have Android 6.0 or 7.0. This means a big majority of users that are still on Kit kat, will not be able to try out this new service from Google. This and the recent release of Google home, I believe will be the beginning of a new era, one that for now we see only in sci-fi movies.

Since Google Assistant is coming out for All devices, let us see how you can activate him in your Android phone. We know from before that Google with Google Now could do some basic things. So what different Google Assistant can do, that was not here before. WE know that it can show you cats for example from the internet or what weather will have in a city. But a assistant is something more, is the one who can help you keep track of hundreds of jobs, etc. One thing I can only say….Google Assistant easily beats Apple’s Siri.

Requirements for Google Assistant

Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. You cannot run the program in mobiles with lower version, like Kit Kat.


See how Here are the simple steps about how to activate Google Assistant in your Android Phone
Google is officially releasing its assistant for all devices but here are the steps you can manually get your Assistant.I have successfully activated Assistant in my Xiaomi Mi5S Plus as you can see in the images below.

  • Download from the link below the zip file, unpack it and install the version that is for your mobile. I for example for my Xiaomi MI5S Plus that runs Android 6.0.1, I installed the 64bit version.

  • After successfully installing the APK, you must restart you mobile and wait for a few hours. I had to wait about a day in order to see Google Assistant in my mobile. IF you wanna check if you have Google Assistant, all you have to do is Hold Home Button!

Alright, so installed the apk, but where is the icon of Google Assistant. You won’t see one, since everything is done automatically through Google Services. So all you have to do now is update the play services and wait.


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