Dobot Rigiet Review- A pro gimbal for all with many functions to choose (Unboxing, video and coupon included). Win it Free Now


Now all during the Christmas celebrations and for New Year, we all gonna need to take a lot of images and video to remember all those happy moments we are going to have. In order to do this, you need a good camera or a good mobile with a good camera and a steady hand. Now I don’t know you, but my hand is not that steady, so what better than to use a gimbal for this job. I was lucky enough to be send one to try it out now for the celebrations, from Dobot. I believe you must have heard the company, as Dobot is a leading robot arm solution provider in China which makes technology simple and fun, easy to use and endless possibility. For my purposes I was send the Dobot Rigiet, a gimbal made for pros that can be easily used and from an amateur like I’m.

The Rigiet came to me with DHL, fast and secure.The package was inside an other box, protecting it from hit and falls. Opening the box from DHL, came across a with box that was having on the top side an image of the gimbal.

At the back of the box we can the specs of the gimbal, which are quite impressive! With the moto Stabilise your vision, and with the specs that you can see on the box, I’m sure you are going to have to most clear images and video.

Opening the box, inside was a black box that contained everything. Inside the box you will find the Rigiet, the battery, a Portable bag, a User’s Manual, a Moisture-proof agent, a MICRO USB cable, a 1/4 sling screw, a Handle sling and the Product package. The portable bag has the usual shape that we see for bags containing a guitar or a violin.

With the sign of the Rigiet on a metal plate, inside it you can find the gimbal. By the two sides you will find the cable and the sling.

The Dobot Rigiet gimbal weights 430g (bare machine) + 50g (battery) =480g. It’s dimensions are 288×120×35mm. The range of the Gimbal (Pan) is 300°, roll – 270° and tilt – 300°. The stabilising precision is ±0.01°. It supports any smartphone that weights from 100g to 230g and it’s width is from 56mm to 85mm. My Xiaomi Mi5S Plus that has a 5.7 inch display, as you can see and in the video was easily controlled by the gimbal. The Dobot Rigiet gimbal supports also GoPro Hero 3/4/5 and YI 4K from camera.

The Dobot Rigiet gimbal contains a rechargeable 3340mAh battery with 3.7V voltage. When is fully charged, gives a static stable battery life of 5.5h and about 3h of dynamic stable. The battery compartment can be found on the lower part of the gimbal. Take care to remove the first time the protective, in order for the battery to work properly.

The gimbal comes an easy to use control panel on it. With the use of a joystick, you can move around the gimbal easily. With the power button, depending on how many sec you are going to press it, it takes photos, starts video recording or open/closes the gimbal. You can also use it to change from rear camera to front or zoom in or out when is needed.

The gimbal has two ports for charging. One the main that is on the grip and there is one more one the arm of the gimbal.

For operating the Dobot Rigiet gimbal, you will have to download the appropriate app from the playstore. You will find the Rigiet App here. After downloading and running the app, you will have to use it in order to work with the Rigiet. With the app you can take pictures, video, take pictures in panorama mode, set a target to follow while moving, even edit the video you have made. Check out what you see from the app.

Using the app you can also upgrade the firmware of the gimbal, as you can see in the second photo, using OTA.

Check also the video below of unboxing and working with the Dobot Rigiet gimbel. Also don’t forget that I’m amateur and apart from that I managed to work with it good. OF course practise brings perfection.

From what I have seen and tested, Dobot Rigiet gimbal looks to be a very good gimbal, made for pros for sure that can also be used and from amateurs like me. At Dobot they have a special giveaway for new year that you can participate and have the chance to win one for free. If you are not that lucky, you can use then our coupon in order to gain a 10% OFF: NYSL2018_DIYPHOTOGRAPHY.  So hurry up and try your luck, you never now!


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