Docooler Outdoor Portable Lounger Air Sleeping Bag Flash Sale at $10.99


Right now more and more people enjoy outdoor sports. But when you go outside, you should prepare everything well like some necessity, however, when we go and walk too long, we need to have a short rest. How about taking this useful and comfortable Docooler Outdoor Portable Lounger Air Sleeping Bag? We may be very curious about how you can carry a sofa with your travel. This is the magic of this Doccoler Portable Lounger air bag, because it only brings some air into the bag, and then it can become a sleeping sofa.


Docooler Air Sleeping Bag has 2.4 * 0.7m / 7.9 * 2.3ft dimensions,  33 * 22 * 14cm about its package and 1.4kg package weight, which is as light as a small smartphone. It is made from polyester fabrics, very solid, durable and comfortable, which can bear up to 200kg. Therefore, it can not only support one user to lie in.

How to Use


Due to very comfortability and portability, it can be carried everywhere, and you can sleep it as a inflated sofa, which is the perfect camping tool, beach tool or other outdoor activities you like to try. Of course, it is easy to use, only bring some air then you can use it as a sofa. Please remember that don’t stick by hard or sharp things, and keep it away from fires.


Right now you must know how to use this Docooler Outdoor Portable Lounger Air Sleeping Bag. Most import ably, it is in flash sale at $10.99 in Germany Warehouse, only limited for 200 pcs. If you are looking for best camping tool, just hurry up before the deal ends.


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