Dodocool Standing Table Lamp (12W) in $40.99 @Tomtop Flash Sale


Dodocool Standing Table Lamp giving presentation lobby lighting sway. The twofold chip three-way reducing structure allows a versatile difference in quality and concealing temperature.

Dodocool Standing Table Lamp

It is produced from PMMA lampshade material which makes uniform light and clear strong. Also, It is adaptable. Picking your favored modes as you like ward on your certifiable need, making assorted nostalgic and extraordinary memory to you and the people who you esteem. Also, You can share a related device to your fondness for experiencing the splendid presence with the application and even more light can be obliged by the same related contraption.

Dodocool Standing Table Lamp

Superb LED, glint free and antagonistic to glare light without strobes and radiation, long future, it can avert your eyes from exhaustion. Useful for Android4.4/IOS 8.0 or over the cell phone. Be great for different occasions, like a room, book shop, family room, mull over room, etc.

Dodocool Standing Table Lamp

Dodocool Standing Table Lamp has 6 hours learning mode, 14 hours unwinding mode, 50 hours night light mode, long battery life. The Professional extraordinary light, consistent concealing temperature, no video streak, secure the eyes.

Dodocool Standing Table Lamp

Also, Three-speed contact, worthwhile and fast, astute and negligible. The skin-obliging silicone material, 360° gooseneck arm, gives the necessary directional light. The ring surface is light, the lighting is level, and the light is progressively uniform. The workspace light is used for charging the USB port. Dodocool Standing Table Lamp is easily available at Tomtop at $40.99.

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