DOHIKER KRE27.5 Review – Electric Mountain Bicycle at €926.50 From TOMTOP


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to ride around town? Try out this DOHIKER KRE27.5 Electric Mountain Bicycle, one of the best-rated electric bikes. DOHIKER KRE27.5 Electric Bike is a perfect transportation device for daily use and gives you a healthy lifestyle! The bright LED headlight comes with night riding. Front and rear disc brakes fully protect your safety. The foldable design for easy storage and extra portability.


The DOHIKER KRE27.5 electric bicycle comes with wheels with inflatable tires for different terrains, in a 27.5 in air tire format. The DOHIKER KRE27.5 weighs 21.7kg and is relatively light on electric bike standards. This is an important factor in maximizing battery life and mileage. Because it is very slim, cycling is easy even when the engine is turned off. The DOHIKER KRE27.5 offers riders a variety of options to seamlessly switch between gear and power modes to meet their individual needs.

The material with which this e-bike is made is an aluminum alloy and other materials specially design to offer a robust and durable product with the lowest possible weight. this will make you pass through the most inaccessible places lifting the bike if you need, reaching the most unexplored areas. Safety is very important and if we can, we must make sure we use products that take these aspects into account. The engine offers excellent performance on any type of terrain.

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This DOHIKER KRE27.5 electric mountain bike features a 250W powerful motor and 10Ah large-capacity battery to travel for 65km max. range and 25km/h top speed. With dual disc brakes, a 7-speed transmission system, adjustable seat height, 27.5″ anti-slip tires, a lockable front suspension fork, bright LED headlight, and other advantages, the electric bike surely gives you a comfortable and safe riding experience. The DOHIKER KRE27.5 offers riders a variety of options to seamlessly switch between gear. And power modes to meet their individual needs. In fact, it takes some time to determine the best settings, but when set up, you can climb steeply on the steep slopes and advance at a good speed, while also saving battery life. When riding an electric bike for the first time. It is natural to push the pedal-assist system to the highest level and cruise as fast as possible.


The DOHIKER KRE27.5 electric bike is both appealing and approachable, even for people who haven’t been riding for a while. Even without the use of an electric drive. This feeling is only enhanced by the comfort and flexibility of the bicycle on the road. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €926.50 Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping in Flash Sale.


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