DOHIKER Y1 Review – 14-inch Electric Folding Bike at $465.00 From Gearbest


Why bother pedaling when your bike can do it for you? Introducing the DOHIKER Y1 Electric Folding Bike! With its high capacity rechargeable battery, this zippy bicycle hybrid can travel for up to 60 kilometers off of a single charge. The DOHIKER Y1 Electric Folding Bike is much more than a toy. It can make the perfect way to travel around the city! When it’s not in use, you can fold the handlebars down so that they rest against the bike’s body, your vehicle’s height profile – brilliant if you need to haul your electric folding bike on and off public transport.

BuyDOHIKER Y1 E-bike From Gearbest


Dohiker has also made sure that the Y1 is ready for any weather the big city can throw at it. It’s rated to IP54 on the Ingress Protection scale, meaning that no dust can harm its electronics and it’s totally waterproof against powerful splashes or jets of water. Caught in a downpour? That’s no concern for this amazing electric folding bike! The DOHIKER Y1 is a foldable electric bike, with which you can cause quite a stir at the campsite, for example. On compact 120 x 22 x 68 cm folded, the e-bike can be stowed in pretty much any trunk.

The electric bike can also be conveniently placed in the corner at work, in the office. With a weight of 21 kg, it is also not a heavyweight and can be carried over short distances. The maximum load capacity of the DOHIKER Y1 is included 120 kg. In comparison, this is a maximum of 100 kg for many other e-bikes. The bright LED headlight and taillight are equipped for more safety and make it safer for night driving. This design could significantly reduce the occurrence of accidents. Front and rear disc brakes provide more control and more reliable stopping.

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The DOHIKER Y1 is powered by a 350 Watt electric motor, which in turn by a 10AH 36V battery is powered. The battery is not removable but is firmly integrated into the central pole. The range varies depending on the driving mode between 34-35 kilometers (Pure Electric) and 50-60 kilometers (Pedelec). In addition to the two electric riding modes, the bike can be driven purely by pedal force. The maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour. The battery is fully charged within 5-6 hours.

The bike becomes central via one shock absorber spring. This makes the DOHIKER Y1 suitable for short trips over uneven terrain. Even wetness doesn’t bother the bike, because after the Degree of protection IP54 the electric bike is at least protected against rain. Allow a short braking distance disc brakes which are located here on the front and rear wheels. An illuminated brake light indicates the braking process. One LED headlights underneath the handlebars also make night trips possible. For one Burglar DOHIKER also took care of it. The e-bike can only be started with the right key.


The DOHIKER Y1 E-bike can be easily folded to save more space for storage. The foldable head design is also great for convenient transportation. The height of the saddle is adjustable, you can freely adjust the height as needed. We can buy it from Gearbest at $465.00 in Flash Sale and ship it from PL Warehouse.

BuyDOHIKER Y1 E-bike From Gearbest


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