DOOGEE BL5000 Smartphone Premium Design with Big Battery Review in Details


Most smartphones with a large capacity battery look boring and versatile. The phone we are reviewing breaks this stereotype and offers itself in a bright case with an equally interesting inner filling and a battery of 5050 mAh. This is the Doogee BL5000, which costs about $150. More information about this Smartphone can be found in our review.  The Doogee BL5000 Review Unit provided by Doogee. You Can Buy From Lightinthebox


In addition, the smartphone is equipped with a silicone case with interesting plugs for 3.5 mm port and micro USB. The material is dense and hardy. However, in the case, the smartphone does look so cool and bright.

The box also has an instruction and warranty card, a SIM card drawer, a spare film, a cable and a charger.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the Doogee BL5000 can not be found on the market. At least now. Although the smartphone does not have a brightly visible metal in the visible part of the case, the plastic of various types here perfectly copes without it.

The back cover has a glossy mirror coating, which will not be difficult to notice. Of course, it’s marquee, but fingerprints are easily erased. If you look very closely, you can see a texture of thin concentric circles on the surface. Under the rays of the bright sun, they shimmer with a special zest. The surface must be protected from contact with any hard objects, otherwise, scratches can not be avoided.

The rear panel smoothly turns into a matte rim. It is painted the color of the body and hides the metal underneath. At least, we thought so.

Available in retail colors: blue, black and premium gold. On the left, there is a card slot on the case, two buttons on the right (sound and power). Above placed only 3.5 mm audio output, and below – the speaker, microphone, and microUSB port.

The rear panel vertically lined up to 13 megapixels Camera and a big flash. As for me, the Doogee BL5000 turned out to be beautiful. And this is not only the merit of materials but also forms. All four corners of this smartphone have fillets on both the screen side and the back cover side. The manufacturer tried to move as far away from the concept of acute angles.

This allowed even with a weight of 210 g is relatively convenient to operate the phone with one hand. The thickness of 10.3 mm is not felt in reality is very large. The remaining dimensions are 155.2 x 75.85 x 10.3 mm.

There are no complaints about the assembly of the complaints. Even the scanner is perfectly inscribed in the front glass panel under the screen.


In Doogee BL5000 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display, which by its brightness exceeds iPhone7 (650 against 625 nits). On top of the screen is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5. So what if much take it easy, it just scratches on it not appear to be.

The oleophobic coating is excellent, the finger slides on the display very smoothly. Up to 5 touches can be recognized at the same time. The viewing angles and the brightness margin are sufficient to work in any lighting. Even a very bright sun will not be a hindrance. The options include an eye protection mode when reading.

Since the glass is made according to 2.5D technology, it is very difficult to choose a protective film on it. The manufacturer offers a variant of this accessory, but it covers only the central part and is already glued directly out of the box.


All calculations in the Doogee BL5000 are assigned to the 8-core MediaTek MT6750T processor and the Mali-T860 graphics chip.

Together with 4 GB of RAM, the Antutu tester turned out 43326 points. The indicator is good for a Performance from the middle price segment.

With daily use, “iron” worked out perfectly in all the applications with which we loaded it. This applies to the video player and playback of high-resolution content and demanding high graphics games


Doogee BL5000 is equipped with three cameras. Two of them are 13 megapixels. Are located on the back side (interpolation up to 16 Mpix.). The second module is designed to create a depth of blur when shooting portraits.

The matrix parameters are as follows: F2.2, viewing angle 88 degrees, PDAF (auto-focus). The flash fires without the light of the picture and very much helps out at night. The user is available 2X optical zoom and 8X digital, as well as HDR, Panorama, Pro mode with color temperature adjustment, ISO and contrast.

The front photo-module has a sensor of 8.0 megapixels. (Interpolation up to 13 Mpix.) With an aperture of F2.2 and a viewing angle of 88 degrees. The “Beautiful Face” mode is present. The camera is supplemented with a flash. The content is very good quality. This applies to photos and videos. The maximum resolution of the latter is VGA.


Critical remarks on the work of the speakers there. The voice at the maximum volume allows you to hear the interlocutor in any environment. The multimedia speaker does not have bases, but at the maximum volume level is good.

Fingerprint Reader

The sensor does not stand out against the background of the display and has a ceramic coating. If you have a thumb, then sometimes errors in recognition are possible. The processing speed of the print is high, according to the manufacturer – it’s 0.19 s.

In addition to the sensor, several functions can be linked, including backward, pause/play music or video in the player. If you press the sensor for a long time, you can take pictures or answer a call. But all this is only at the request of the user and selecting the appropriate options in the menu.

OS and Applications

The BL5000 is running Android 7.0, which is supplemented with its own interface, DOOGEE UI1.0 or Freeme. This is an interesting shell, which has many options for customization.

The user can:

  • Change the size of the icons and font color
  • Change the output format of the icons
  • Adjust touch control on the screen
  • Quickly change themes and wallpapers
  • Make backups of icons on the desktop, etc.

A separate section in the settings menu contains “smart” functions. There are:

  • Gesture management
  • Motion control
  • Awakening from double tapping
  • Run programs by drawing characters
  • Video recording from the screen by double clicking the sound enhancement button
  • It is not superfluous to have one-handed control mode, which greatly simplifies the 
    dialing process in case the second hand is occupied.


The stability of the smartphone for 2 weeks of the test questions did not arise. He confidently-caught the network of the mobile operator and the surrounding Wi-Fi network. The handset can work in 2G / 3G / 4G networks (2G: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G: WCDMA: 900 // 2100 MHz, 4G: FDD: B1 / 3/7/8/20). Both cards support data transfer to LTE Cat-6 at speeds up to 300 Mbps. The format of SIM cards is Nano + Nano. In place of this one, you can install a memory card up to 128 GB. But it may not be necessary since the built-in drive of the BL5000 model is 64 GB. Connecting USB flash drive via USB OTG is supported. Wireless networks: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.1. There is HotKnot. Navigation is represented by a GPS chip.


Doogee BL5000 is a smartphone from the line of long-livers. It also charges quickly and works long. Although the performance indicators, which sounded the manufacturer, a little different from ours. Over time, we agree to recharge. Up to 100% of the battery is charged for 2 hours, and in 20 minutes it can be charged up to a capacity that is sufficient for half a full-time operation. This is achieved by a 12V / 2A charger and hardware-assisted technology from MediaTek.

Consumption of 100% battery according to the manufacturer: 10 hours of play, 15 hours of video or 28 hours of continuous navigation. We have slightly different data: Youtube – 8.5 hours, video through the player – 12 hours, the game in Asphalt Extreme – 7.5 hours. Differences from measurements are, but even our indicators can be considered excellent. The brightness at us was exposed on a maximum, and Wi-Fi and GPS were constantly included.


The Doogee BL5000 is a smartphone for those who appreciate the uniqueness of devices but are not ready to deny themselves a large battery and good hardware stuffing. Choose this phone, the cost of which is about $150, will definitely be for design. And there can not be contradictions here. As in our review for battery consumption. One full charge of the battery will be enough for 12 hours of viewing the video through the player or for two days of work with moderate loads. That was the review Unit ” DOOGEE BL5000 “! Offered Sabrina, From Doogee, Thank you very much. If you want to buy go on Lightinthebox and Get in Best Price.


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