Doogee Mix 2 comes with facial recognition at a good price


The iPhone X has just been announced and among the most disruptive features, there is undoubtedly the innovative release system through Face ID technology for facial recognition. The next Smartphone is not the first in the market to implement it, but it seems that the technology used is the most advanced and reliable ever seen up to now thanks to several sensors, including one used for three-dimensional scanning of the face. 

iPhone X will be a dummy but many other smartphones will implement it soon, and there may be Doogee Mix 2 among the first ones.

It seems that, according to trusted rumors, the new Mix 2 will implement a release system similar to that of the Smartphone while costing a fraction of the price required for the latter. The system on Doogee Mix 2 might be the same as that used by financial institutions and banks, and cannot be used when the smartphone owner sleeps because it also involves face tracing technologies. The sensor will be placed on the front of the device and will send thousands of light signals to identify face characteristics and match it to an advanced algorithm.

The trend of the entire smartphone industry seems to be to abandon the biometric sensor that has been the most used system for unlocking in recent years. Launched to success by Apple, Apple is once again eliminating it for something that – on paper – is more reliable. According to statistical data, the new technologies allow a number of false positives far less than current sensors. In other words, it is far more difficult to find two faces so similar that you can deceive the system, not two similar prints.

What Doogee Mix 2 would abandon the fingerprint sensor we had already figured out the leaked photos, showing a clean back shell and a Home keyless bezel or inserts that fit it. The smartphone will adopt a 5.99 “aspect ratio with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and reduced frames both above and below. It will have a MediaTek Helio P25 CPU, two 16 + 13 MP rear cameras, a dual 8 + 8 front camera MP with a wide-angle lens and 6 and 8 GB RAM cuts with 128 GB of storage. The battery will be 4.060 mAh.


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  1. DOOGEE MIX 2 introduces In-Cell technology into full display phones for the first time!Maybe the word “In-Cell” technology sounds familiar to you because iPhone has applied this technology for a long time from iPhone 5. However, it is exclusive to high-end devices now and few of budget smartphones have the sources of In-Cell displays. That’s why it draws our attention when DOOGEE MIX 2 applied the technology.It is not the first time DOOGEE applied new technology in their displays. DOOGEE MIX, the popular full display smartphone has used Samsung® AMOLED display in it, which makes the display brighter and surely received quite praises. As AMOLED display is produced by On-Cell touch technology, it is actually easier than the In-Cell touch display production.Applying an In-Cell touch panel is the first time in full display smartphones, too. The In-Cell technology decrease the display thickness effectively, which helps lower the body weight when display gets bigger as 5.99” display in DOOGEE MIX 2.DOOGEE MIX 2 ( features 18:9 aspect ratio in the full display of 5.99”. Besides, it also has the first four cameras in full display smartphones. One of the two front cameras comes with 130° wide angle, being the perfect assistant to take a group selfie of 8-10 people. It is powered by MTK Helio P25 chipset, 6GB RAM and up to 128GB storage and 4080mAh battery. There is an official unboxing video of DOOGEE MIX 2 ( now, in which you can take a look at the real model of DOOGEE MIX2. Pre-order on DOOGEE MIX 2 ( is available on the official sites and free samples giveaway there, too.

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