DOOGEE MIX Smaller and easier to hold, and Real Photos Leaked


Culminates distress the public about the official announcement of DOOGEE MIX, which is becoming more popular these days. Cause; The publication of some photos showing that the device will have a bezel-less design for three of the four sides, similar to the Xiaomi MIX. Today we have new phone photos, which reveal more details and size.

From the pictures released, we see that the DOOGEE MIX will bring about 5.5 inch screen, but the smartphone’s size is restricted to similar dimensions with phones with 5-inch screen, like Samsung S7 and Huawei Nova. Compared with the screen of 6.4 inches of Xiaomi MIX, the MIX DOOGEE is smaller, so you can keep it and make it easier to handle.

The bezel-less design is very popular this year. With the introduction of this design, the smartphones will have a larger screen with greater operating range and an improved visual experience. Therefore, more and more smartphones manufactured bezel-less design year. The DOOGEE MIX is the first perfect balance between a large screen and the device’s grip with one hand.

Another difference between the Doogee MIX and Xiaomi MIX is the headset. The DOOGEE has his handset at the top of the body of the device, which is designed as a thin strip, in order to retain the bezel-less design on top of the device. As we know, in Xiaomi MIX replaced handset acoustic piezoelectric ceramic technology, which converts the voice to mechanical resonance. This technology has caused many complaints, since the call quality is sacrificed. Compared to the design without Xiaomi MIX receiver, the actual receiver DOOGEE MIX ensures the clarity and purity of calls.

According to the photos we can say that the DOOGEE MIX is at the bottom of a chin that includes a Home Button and a front camera. It seems that the possibility to include the fingerprint sensor on the front is very great.

The new images show that the bezel-less phone DOOGEE will come in at least three colors. Apart from the black version, there are two shades of blue: dark blue and light blue.

Other information about DOOGEE MIX, including premium processor. Rumors say that DOOGEE MIX will include the Helio P25 SoC with 4GB / 6GB RAM and 64GB / 128GB of internal storage memory. There will also be a high-end version that will host the Helio X30. Besides, DOOGEE MIX will come with a screen Super AMOLED of Samsung. The DOOGEE MIX value has not been disclosed for now, but we assume that these higher standards will exceed $ 200.

DOOGEE has joined the Global Resources Show for continuously fifth years. As always DOOGEE come with the high-end products and technology. Lots of contributers and costumers were attracted to DOOGEE booth.

DOOGEE MIX was showed today. When it was lightened, the bezels are too narrow to see. There is a dark blue version of DOOGEE MIX presented.

Y6 is the best-selling product of DOOGEE last year with 5 colors. the fashionable design made it popular among costumers. DOOGEE unveiled a grass green variant of Y6 today, which is the most popular color this year.


Except for DOOGEE products, a new brand DOOPRO unveiled its new products in this show. DOOPRO presented P1, P2, C1, featuring big battery and long battery life. DOOGEE will make a brief introdcution live broadcasted to world via periscope and Facebook.



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