Doogee Y6 Max vs. Xiaomi Mi Max Display Review-Large Phablet Battle


Right now phablets are quite popular tendency for most smartphone manufacturers, as you know, Xiaomi has released the first large screen smartphone, Xiaomi MI MAX which has got much attention before it is released with 6.44 inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixel 2.5D Arc Screen. However, Chinese other famous smartphone manufacturer, Doogee , you may know it for high-competitive price and performance has also released a large phablet, Doogee Y6 MAX with 6.5 inch screen, so what will you choose when you face the selection between Xiaomi MI MAX and Doogee Y6 MAX?


They both have similar screen, FHD resolution, metal unibody, but Doogee claims their display has better quality and they also take many photos to prove that. According to comparison from these photos, they both have maximum brightness, Doogee Y6 Max is on the left, and Xiaomi MI MAX is on the right. You can see the result that Doogee Y6 MAX is better in display.

And they have make comparison between Doogee Y6 MAX and Xiaomi MI MAX camera, although they just show one picture about photo sample. Doogee Y6 MAX sample is on the left.



About the back cover comparison, Doogee Y6 MAX sports a symmetrical design with camera, LED flash, fingerprint scanner and a brand logo in the center line, but Xiaomi MI MAX has camera, LED flash on the top left, and mi logo down the back cover.

Doogee Y6 MAX right now is in flash sale at Geekbuying at $129.99, which is much cheaper than Xiaomi MI MAX, so right now do you know which one should be chosen?



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