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The Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner uses aviation-level engineering to bring world-class cleaning power to your home, car, or anywhere you need it. Its multiple filtering systems capture dust from your home and trap it with almost perfect effectiveness, releasing clean, fresh air into your home. Dreame T20’s unique, patented innovations improve efficiency, portability, ease of use, and especially cleaning power; putting the best cleaning technologies available in your hands.

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The vacuum cleaner and accessories look very good and are of high quality. A nice functionality that is new on the T20 is the integrated LCD screen: with this, you can, among other things, set the vacuuming mode and read the remaining battery life. The Dreame T20 has a dirt and dust collection container with a volume of 0.6 liters, which is larger than most other cordless vacuum cleaners. It is very easy to clean the collection container and filter of the vacuum cleaner: you can simply wash them under the tap.

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The Xiaomi Dreame T20 comes standard with a charging station that allows you to charge the vacuum cleaner while it is hanging on the wall. With this wall charging station, you can charge both the vacuum cleaner itself and any extra battery that you can buy separately.

The Dreame T20 is equipped with Dreame’s new Dreame Space 4.0 motor which delivers a power of 450W and makes up to 125,000 revolutions per minute, resulting in the Dreame T20 suction power at 150 Air Watts (AW) / 25,000 Pa. In comparison, the much more expensive Dyson V11 has a suction power of 140 AW / 24,000 Pa, so in terms of suction power, the Dreame T20 performs better compared to the Dyson V11.

Very handy about the Dreame T20 is that you can choose in which mode you want to set the vacuum cleaner, there are a total of 4 modes: Eco Mode (17 AW suction power), Medium Mode (30 AW suction power), Automatic Mode (30-57 AW suction power) and Turbo Mode (150 AW suction power). When you set the vacuum cleaner in a higher mode, the suction power will be higher, but the battery life will be shorter because more energy is used. For example, the battery life in Turbo mode is only 10 minutes (or 20 minutes with an extra battery) and the battery life in Medium or Automatic mode is about 35 minutes. You will only need the turbo mode if you want to vacuum the floor mat or deep clean a carpet; in most cases, the ECO, MED, or AUTO mode is more than sufficient.


If you are looking to bring world-class cleaning power to your living room, bedroom, office, or car, the Dreame T20 cordless vacuum is for you. With a variety of multifunctional accessories, the Dreame T20 will satisfy all your cleaning needs. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $329.99 by using Coupon Code: DREAMET20 and ship it from EU Warehouse.

Buy Dreame T20 at Geekbuying


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