DROCON X708W For Beginners FPV Training Quadcopter With HD Camera For Just $55.99 (Coupon Inside)


The DROCON Cyclone X708w Drone is a high-quality aerial machine created for beginners to fly. It comes equipped with a 720p camera to record your adventures as well as real-time Wi-Fi transmission to view what you are recording and frame the perfect picture. This can be done on a smartphone using the compatible app.


The design of DROCON Cyclone X708w Drone is really satisfying by the quality of its made. the material used of the ABS & electric components. it comes with 6 axis gyro sensors. the drone also hai 4 haggles wheels which makes this design superior to others. it has a remote controller where you can control the drone easily and smoothly by hand. DROCON Cyclone X708w Drone Made from good quality materials, it is rugged and comes with easy controls. Apart from being a simple to use drone, it comes with cool features like one key return that allow you to keep your drone safe when the battery is low or if it goes out of range and a 360 Degree Flip, with just Pressing the function button and pushing the direction stick to any side, this drone activates flips accordingly.


Its common thought that cheap or beginners drones don’t have much to them besides a camera and flight capabilities. The X708W goes a little further by adding two notable features. The first is a headless mode, which disengages the front facing orientation of the drone. This means that any part of the drone can act as the nose. Headless mode is a good beginners tool that helps newer pilots get used to the controls without having to worry about keeping the primary nose’s direction.

The second feature is an automatic return button located on the shoulder of the controller. As the name suggests, the button returns the drone to you no matter the range. With this feature, you’ll want to stay within a good distance of the drone regardless. Even if you press the button, the drone won’t return to you if the battery is depleted. A third feature that’s perfect for any skill level is the 360 flip. The X708W will perform a flip along the axis of its propellers. It’s sure to give you some interesting footage if you’re watching the flip occur on your smartphone.

The camera on the X708W is a standard 720p device built into the nose of the drone. This design is pretty cool because you won’t have to worry about the drone falling on a camera that’s strapped to its underside. It may not be made of the strongest material, but you’re less likely to damage the camera if it’s built into the interior. This camera broadcasts in real-time from its own Wi-Fi connection to your phone. Basically, you’re seeing through the eyes of the drone. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of drones using their underside cameras as their “FPV”. But the X708 truly gives the pilot an FPV experience through the nose camera.


The Drocon X708 is a pretty neat looking drone. It’s covered in a sleek black color and has some pretty sinister red eyes above the nose. You have the option of attaching air guards underneath the propellers for increased protection. The X708 checks off a lot of the boxes that make an ideal beginner’s drone. we can buy at $55.99 after using this 40% off Coupon Code: CLUTGFOK and this coupon valid until 03/21/2018 11:59 PMPDT


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