DT NO.1 DT68 Review: A Full Circle Touch Wristband 20 Dial Face Change ECG Heart Rate (100 pcs limited)


DT NO.1 DT68 Full Circle Touch Wristband is the all-new heartbeat and health wristband worked for the duration of the day, practices and past. PurePulse constant heartbeat makes it easy to enlarge works out, better track calorie devours and get a review of your cardio health level, while for the duration of the day development and auto rest following, allows you to see how your whole standard incorporates. Record your activities with multi-sport modes to see progressing activity subtleties on screen, or rely upon SmartTrack to subsequently record select exercises for you.

DT NO.1 DT68 Full Circle Touch Wristband  $32.99


It looks excellent having steel bezel with the top-notch plan and with a calfskin lash with a tempered steel clasp. The smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof, dustproof. Accessible in dark and silver shading, the tie choice is accessible in darker, blue, and dark hues. The smartwatch not at all like past No.1 DT98 Smartwatch that has a square screen despite the fact that the structure factor is roundabout, the No.1 DT98 has a full-screen show. It’s a full shading 1.2? inch IPS LCD with 240 x 240-pixel goals, and with contact screen support. The showcase looks great giving sharp designs, just as making it simple to explore the menus with its touch screen support.


It utilizes attractive charging and a smaller scale USB association. Not at all like past roundabout smartwatches, the wearable is stacked with 10 dial choice, regardless it has the typical call and message warnings, Phone book, call records, step counter, rest observing, stationary update, Bluetooth music, remote photo, adding machine, morning timer, schedule, and stopwatch. the presentation objectives appear with the HRM heartbeat screen limit will give you the ceaseless info, let you consider your heartbeat at whatever point and wherever. Setting the wake-up of the clock on the phone, the watch will remind you of vibration. Ace your action and calories use at whatever point and wherever, checking your sprinkling status at whatever point Are you curious about your rest quality? rest screen limit will give you the fitting reaction and Control your propelled cell phone to take phones on your wrist.


DT NO.1 DT68 Full Circle Touch Wristband is the best and freshest smartwatch with When it’s synchronized with your phone, the watch gives an alarm by booming when the phone is more than 10m a long way from the keen armlet. On the off chance that you have new visit messages, it can let you know quickly to acknowledge contact with your sidekicks purchase this from Banggood with  $32.99

100 pcs limited, at best price now

DT NO.1 DT68 Full Circle Touch Wristband  $32.99


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