New Elephone S7 Series will cost from $99.99 to $189.99


Elephone has been really busy recently and have  been really active in both software development and hardware.Not one to rest on its laurels after the release the bezel-less Elephone S3 complete with its stunning display,the Chinese manufacturer is all set to release yet another device, or more accurately, devices.
So folks get ready for the Elephone S7 Series. Elephone-S7-Series

As the name suggests we know where its inspiration comes from.The new device(s) will also be bezel-less, but this time around Elephone will be launching a double-sided curved glass phone series, while at the same time maintaining the bezel-less effect, the S7 has a bigger screen curve and brings with it an even more beautiful looking device.upload youtube2
The new Elephone S7 series will be priced between $99.99 and $189.99, with the most expensive coming packed with a Helio X25 SoC. Elephone have not released any details other than that and the rest of the hardware is still unknown. But what is a sure bet, is that the device will e gorgeous with glass on both front and back and an all metal frame.Elephone-S7-Series-1
One thing is certain, Elephone is throwing down a challenge to other phone makers with this release and it can only mean devices will great specs at prices that will amaze. We will keep you all updated on the Elephone S7 as further details of the specs are released.



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