Ducati Launches MG-20 Foldable Electric Bike at 1,599 euros at 50km


Ducati, the world’s fastest and most capable motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled a fold-point electric bike, the MG-20, overseas media reported.

The MG-20, Ducati’s first foldable electric bike, is a showy design with a lightning-shaped main frame and a “raunchy” rear wheel fender.

Designed for urban travel, the MG-20’s frame, front fork and rims are made entirely of magnesium, which is light and strong enough to withstand impact even in a crash, according to officials.

With its sleek, aerodynamic shape and strong rims, the e-bike has racing DNA. It has a 250W rear-mounted motor, combined with a 36V, 10.5ah Samsung battery, that gives it a range of 50km at a top speed of 25km/h

In addition, the power battery is built into the frame and can be easily removed and recharged at home or office, although this is not recommended because of the risks associated with in-home charging.

To ensure the safety of night riding, the car is also equipped with LED lights, wheel reflective strips.

So how much does ducati’s first foldable electric car cost? The official price is 1,599 euros.

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It would be cool to get one of these motorcycles to ride, but the price is not cheap. It’s a Ducati, after all.


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