DUOTTS C20 Electric Cargo Bike Now at $919.99 [Coupon Deal]


DUOTTS C20 is a high-end electric bicycle that appears at first glance as a classic model from the old days, but inside it has everything you need to move at higher maximum speeds as well as reach 100 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge.

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With official dimensions of 114 x 175 x 65 cm and a total weight of 25 kilograms, it is not exactly a vehicle that bets on modernity or ease of transport/storage, but rather the opposite. One of the advantages that stands out in its construction is the availability of a front basket to carry objects with you, as well as a rear space of 35 cm for additional transport or even install a second seat if you want to take a companion. DUOTTS C20 is made of an aluminum alloy that is dyed blue throughout its entire structure, while its main components, including its battery, are visible to facilitate a future component replacement process without major problems. complications.


Thus, the DUOTTS C20 has a motor with a nominal power of up to 500W, which gives it the possibility of reaching a maximum speed of 45 km/h in addition to offering a Shimano seven-speed system on its handlebars. Then, for its battery it also grows with a capacity of 48V/ 15 Ah that promises between 50 and 60 km of autonomy using the purely energy mode, or even exceeding 100 km with the hybrid mode. To conclude, there is no lack of a front and rear mechanical disc brake system to avoid accidents, as well as an LCD screen on the front to view driving data in real time and IP54 certification to overcome risks of damage in puddles or rainy days.

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Coupon Code: 6J6MPX94

Buy DUOTTS C20 on Geekbuying


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