DZB WY08 Sticking To The Basics and Adding The Techies !


Hey guys, Abrar here with another affordable watch, this time its sweet combination of classic digital sports watch and smartwatch. The wearables market is maturing now and industry has understood the needs of the consumers. DXB WY08 is smartwatch launched recently in the market and is a good old classic digital black and LCD watch but with smart health features and Bluetooth.

The dial is forged from all metal and the dial while keeping the good old digital face has modernistic design and carvings. You can choose from 4 dial colours Red, Black, Gray, and Silver. The watch has pretty straight forward symbols on the dial for indicating various functions like SMS, call notifs, Calories, steps etc Personalized design, colorful options, simple portable made, perfect fashion sense, trendy style of smart watch.

On the inside you have high functioning Bluetooth CSR chip which connects with your smartphone using ultra low energy. As the smartwatch is powered by just a single button cell yet can give you a battery life of upto 1 year. The watch is also 30M waterproof with a strong and sturdy build quality. The smart features of this watch are pedometer, notification reminder, calorie counter, step counter, sleep tracking, remote camera. The smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 7 and above.

The DZB WY08 smartwatch is a much wanted and acceptable median between the whole smartwatch concept and many would actually prefer an old style digital watch with new smart features incorporated in it. You can get yours here.


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