E29 SmartBand Review, The Most Accurate Sport Bracelet With Dual Sensor Ppg+Ecg @Gearbest


Do you remember when sportbands/watches began to comer with a little green light on the back? It was refined and sneaked in to very early devices, usually along with “fake” records end results, however over time, and also along with the add-on from two eco-friendly diodes and also an enhanced sensor, center rate data started to end up being something we “counted on” off our health and fitness/” health” wearables. Yes that’s past. Today, accuracy has a name: E29 SmartBand.


This SportBand share the same form factor as other healthBands, made from two pieces the E29 is made from plastic and rubber and has a dual sensor beneath. The OLED screen measure 0.73″, easy to read with direct sun light.


In the box you can find: the E29 Smart Band and User manual in english.


As stand alone device, the E29 can be used as pedometer (for different sports), read blood pressure, heart beat, electrocardiography and watch function.

Once the device has been linked to a smartphone and its app, then you can set an alarm clock, make a record for calories burned measuring, distance recording, pedometer. Get alerts for sedentary reminder, sleep management. Set time-date using the app, link the phone camera. And receive notifications from: Facebook,Twitter,Wechat, call reminder, messages.


As mention before, the E29 has an unique characteristic that make it one of the most accurate sport bands, beside its pedometer comes with a dual health sensor, ECG and PPG, but if you want to take full advantage from this feature, you need to install a proper Health/Sport tracker App in your phone.

Once installed, then you can measure the cardiac cycle and obtain heart rate measures, but first lets learn something about it. The two most widely used methods are electrocardiography (ECG, electrical activity of the heart by using electrodes placed on the skin. For the heart to contract and pump blood, a series of coordinated electrical signals are sent to the heart by the autonomic nervous system), and photoplethysmography (PPG, volumetric change of the heart by measuring light transmission or reflection. As the heart contracts, blood pressure within the left ventricle – the main pumping chamber – increases. This increase forces a pressurized “pulse” of blood into the arteries of the body, which causes them to swell slightly before once again returning to their previous state). While E29 supports the use of both, there are benefits and drawbacks to each approach that should be considered depending on the type of biometric research being performed.

Blood – Pressure


Step – Sleep


Get alerts from heart checks periodically


Hr Record – Breath


ECG (electrocardiography)

Here, in iGeekPhone, have tested lot of this kind of devices and we can assure this is one of the most accurate heart-health reader we got in our hands.


The E29 Smart Bracelet stand above almost every sport band in the market since is one of the few that comes with a dual sensor. If you want a real and accurate reading of your blood pressure and heartbeat then this gizmo is for you. At this moment Gearbest has a flash sale, you can get for $23.31 USD, cheap for all you got.



  1. Question what app do you use, I now have the standard wearfit2.0 works but looks your app has a few more measurements, I’m on Android

  2. Richard Oehler on

    I have the e29 smart bracelet. Can you tell me with what APP you have made the test of this device.
    It is not wearfit or wearfit 2.0 because there are more Option like I can find in the named APPs.

    many thanks in advance.


      • Yor advice to use GoHeart dont work, I can not establish Bluetooth Connection. Tell me it is realy possible to make the bloodpressure measurement with ECG + PPG together? Because only this way gives you an accurate measurement.

  3. i purchased e29 recently but it is not getting on, if connected to usb port display shows battery is getting charged and stops after few minutes

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