E9 8inch Electric Scooter Offered For €136.99: Foldable Commuting Scooter 220LB Bearing Capacity


Before now, it was believed that electric scooters where mainly used and rocked by children because of the belief that these scooters were mainly designed for them. But with time, scooters are now mainly used and enjoyed by adults, with lots of adults scooters all over the place. The E9 electric scooter is Super easy to learn to operate and if you learned, it will bring you much more convenience in your life. The wide footboard is comfortable to step on, solid tires are puncture resistant to reduce flat tire for safe use, strong aluminum alloy frame can carry people within 220lb, and foldable design for space-saving transport and storage. Practical commuting tool for school, work, and short distance trip.

Buy The E9 8inch Electric Scooter for just €136.99

The E9 8inch Electric Scooter comes in a nice and eye-catching design. This electric scooter is strictly fabricated from aluminum alloy, making it very strong and ready to match up with any rugged terrain without the worry of break down or faults. The electric scooter sports a lightweight design of just 7.9kg which is far lighter than the much talked about Xiaomi 8.5 inch M365 Folding electric scooter which weighs 12.5kg. It is worth saying that, not minding its lightweight, it comes with high strength making it easy to carry just as though you are taking your friend out. It is a good companion for a long and short distant journey. One good thing about the scooter is that it is fabricated in a classic way which ensures that no single cable is exposed. It can carry a long of 100kg so it doesn’t matter whether you have the weight of “Big show” of WWE.  It comes with Quiet brushless motor, anti-slip pedal, IP54 waterproof, adjustable handlebar height, shockproof spring. Talking about the tires, it sports an 8-inch wear-resistant tire, with anti-slip texture, high road-holding ability even on the slippery ground.

The E9 8inch Electric Scooter like the name implies can be quickly-folded in no time with a 86 * 32 * 13.5cm folding size, space-saving and portable to carry. The deck of the electric scooter is made in such a way to grip shoes while on it as it is covered with a silicone layer that provides excellent grip and eliminating slipping. This silicone layer is very easy and simple to clean.

This scooter comes with some features that make it stand aside considering its cheap price. This scooter can travel up to 8km (nearly 4.9 miles, but the exact distance depends on how fast you go) and at up to 12km/h  (nearly 7.4mph). It does its traveling almost completely silent without issues or stress. The electric scooter comes with 8-inch wheels and an electromotor with a power of 150W. Thus, it is very comfortable for a city ride. To round it up the device sports a built-in 22V 2600mAh large capacity battery which ensures your trip is perfect.

Where To Buy E9 8inch Electric Scooter

The E9 8inch Electric Scooter is currently available on Tomtop for just €136.99 which is to be delivered from EU Warehouse. Do well to get this amazing scooter for this great price. you won’t regret it.

Buy The E9 8inch Electric Scooter for just €136.99


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