Eachine E55 Mini WiFi FPV Foldable Pocket Drone design, features Real Review


Someone said “The fun also comes in small package”, that apply here, this little quadcopter sure will amaze for those that want to begin with the Drone World. Yes, i’m a beginner and this little drone took me back to my childhood. The E55 from Eachine is one of those toys you see at the stores and make you think how old are you to take one and play with it. Lets how was my experience:


The E55 arrived in a box made of paper, well protected.

Inside the box there’s another box made from plastic, this one is rigid so it can support every pump in the journey from the e-store to your house. In my case, all that was inside came pristine.

In the box you will find a 2.4ghz remote controller with smartphone bracket, a set of four spare propellers, screwdrivers, charger, the 3.7v 300mAh battery, manuals and the E55.

This Quadcopter is made from plastic, to keep weight low, the one i revised is painted in red, but color black is available. It has four brucheless motors that works really fast. For transportation, every arm can be fold inside the drone, then put the E55 in the pouch and you are ready to go.


With foldable arm, small size, easy to carry. It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control. That features enable the E55 ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360° and hold position.

Once you install the Airfun UFO app in your phone you will got access to real-time transmission FPV system which can capture photos and record videos for your great memory.

Also you can play with the E55 using the RF remote control, which is 2.4ghz 4 Channel (with anti-interference protection). Aircraft flight flexibility and smooth using fine tuning by remote control, using the cross joystick on the right.



Very convenient and easy to use, the RF controller give you access to all the function ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360° and hold position. Use 3xAAA batteries not included. It has and strap where you can put you phone (FPV mode), and take video or photos usign the RC buttons on your left index finger.


Made from Li-Po this little battery is a 300mAh 3.7v, can be charged in 40 minutes and will give you around 6 minutes of flight. I recommend to get a set of spare batteries and charger if you want to have fun for a longer time. But be aware that you have to let E55 rest for awhile between the change of batteries in order to preserver the life of the motors.


Sample taken using the E55

If you are not a drone racer then you are a drone photographer, in the last one this is the case. This Quad have a hidden camera it will work as FPV system (when you are using Phone App). If you want to take pictures or videos the Airfun UFO App is mandatory, because this drone doesn’t have internal memory. The quality is not good with the perfect light conditions the results is below average, but is ok, we’re not paying for a specialized camera drone, this is just for fun.


First, if you want to link both, the E55 and the RC, turn on the drone then the remote control, now push the left joy stick then pullet down, you will hear a pair of beeps and the leds will still and you’re done.

I test it outside but is was kind of windy, so it was stable some times and other time no because the wind. Using the RC i was able to make the 360° flip super easy, just press the button in the right index finger.

There’s something i can assure this time testing the drone was super fun, my kids were with me when i was testing the E55, they were chasing the drone but couldn’t catch it. Yes is fast for it size and you will be amazed how good maneuver for this size and weight.

Overall, this is a great toy, it does everything that is advertised and gives you lot of fun while battery last, so i recommend to have a pair of spare batteries.


You will need to download the Airfun UFO in the App Store, if you want to link both the drone and you smartphone, turn on the E55 then in your smartphone connect it to the Wi-Fi hotspot from the Drone “AIRFUN_UFO_XXXX”, go back to the APP and press the Arrow, now you will see the live feed video from the Drone. Press the upper “Off” button on the screen to get access to the quad controls, press the “two arrows” buttons and you will see all the functions on the screen, and you are ready to have fun.

Yes you can pilot the E55 using your phone, even take pictures and videos at the same time, but i found using the RF remote control gives you more accurate maneuvers.


The Eachine E55 is a great tiny quadcopter, you will have fun using inside or outside, every thing is ok, even the camera capabilities, small enough to carry in your pockets, you only need your phone to drive that drone (in case you don’t want to carry the RC everywhere). I’ll recommend it as a gift, even for children if an adult is with them. You will the E55 at $48.55 USD from Eachine, it a low price for all the fun you get, 100% recommended.


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