Eachine Mini F4U Review – Wingspan RC Airplane For Just $62.99 at Banggood (Flash Sale)


So many Rc Planes in the world. Some of them are perfect for beginners and others suitable for serious flight players. If u are a beginner so try The Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane. The Corsair is a favorite WWII warbird for its dominating appearance and outstanding performance. Popularized by the TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep, this Grumman masterpiece dominated the skies of the South Pacific throughout 1944 and 1945. Perfect plane for the warbird aficionado who has intermediate piloting skills and wants great scale detail and performance.

Buy Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane From Banggood


Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane adopts impact-resistant engineering EPP engineering materials, built-in carbon fiber rod reinforcement, and very impact. Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane adopts 10mm coreless motor, high-efficiency blades, full power, high-precision, and high-torque. With its small 400mm sized wingspan you are able to also fly it in small indoor areas like sports halls so the wet and windy weather will not stop you enjoying it. Depending on what conditions and how much throttle you use, you can get somewhere near 15 minutes flight time! With a control range of nearly 200m, it gives you the ability to be able to climb up high, knock the throttle off and glide back down!

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Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane powered by a 10mm coreless motor that gives strong driving power while being efficient for longer flight times of up to 15 minutes so you can spend more time flying and less time charging. Made from crash-resistant EPP composite. The plane is highly robust just in case you have a small mishap with an unsuspecting tree! The rudder is adjustable meaning that you can alter the direction of the airflow over the wings thus resulting in the plane being capable of doing different movements. The movements that you can fine-tune include 360-degree rotation, spiral movement, and even loops! The plane comes with everything needed including a 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitters so you are able to fly multiple planes in an area without any interference.


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Buy Eachine Mini F4U Wingspan RC Airplane From Banggood


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