Eachine Racer 180 : a FPV Drone


Sci – Fi Movies have always depicted possible futuristic technological advancements. Those big flying alien spaceships or battleships became inspirations for our RC Drones. Regular drones have a fixed angle of the motion of the blades but Racer 180 from Eachine is really different to other drones in the market . The distinctive feature about the Eachine Racer 180 is that the arms which hold the 4 motors can rotate 360 degrees so that whenever you want to go to a particular direction, it will give an extra thrust and thus the drone will change the direction much quickly.



To suit its name perfectly the Racer 180 has been design to look like a sports car. Those high grade carbon fibre body parts are replacable and the chassis is also carbon fibre made. Together they make the Racer 180 durable and lightweight. To add to its design, it has colorful LED lights on the top of the chassis that will help the user to easily spot the drone in the dark.

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The Motors on the Eachine Racer 180 drive a power of 2205-2350KV which gives the drone more kickstart boost and balanced flight. The 4 inch blades are fixed to the motor with double locknut which prevents the blade from flying off the motor. A smooth flight is the result of proper functioning of the controller and so the Racer 180 has a more stable flight controller, the F3 6DOF controller.

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It supports a max 20A  3S-4S battery and a 1000mAh 4s 30C battery is already included in the package. 1000mAh for a drone is more than sufficient. The primary function of the camera on the drone is to provide navigation during flight. For Racer 180, it has a 1000TVL CCD lens that supports night vision. That means you can even fly it at night.

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The Racer 180 has an extra feature in its pocket. When the battery level is critical, the drone will give an alarm which comes handy in situations where you are flying drone over water or on a great height. If the special flying mode on the Racer 180 impresses you then you can click here -> Eachine Racer 180 to buy it.


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