Eachine Tiny QX80 racing Quadcopter


Today we have with us the Eachine Tiny QX80 .Probably unheard, Eachine is a Chinese RC Drones manufacturer. It is a tiny racing quadcopter that has high end carbon fibre parts. Carbon Fiber ,huh? That’s so cheesy.


The QX80 is available in 2 different modes. ARF version doesn’t come with receiver but You can choose the type of receiver that suits your needs in the BNF version which are DSM2, Flysky and Frsky receiver. Those carbon fibre parts make the QX80 pretty lightweight. Even with the battery, it justs weighs 55 grams. This weight might make you feel that it will fly away if you keep it outside. Chill out, it wont. It will only fly when you control it and not the strong winds. The Flight controller is a F3 EVO which has high current MOS output and is convenient according to the personal touch.


For Navigation, the QX80 uses a 520TVL camera . A flight time of maximum 5-6 minutes can be expected from 3.7V 600mAh 25C Lipo battery that powers it. All that the user needs to have is a remote control and a receiver to make the quadcopter fly. Assembling the parts is easy as it uses buckle structure and not the screw thing.


The only thing that bothers me is a No-protective Casing. Being completely open, the user will need to fly it carefully or it can sustain damage in case of falls. But the customization options are good. Buy it , Assemble it, gift your kid or younger sibling a mini flying drone toy.


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