EB20 Folding Bike Review – Mountain Bike With Extra Wide Tire at $1399 From Gearbest


One of the easiest ways to get to our destinations is when we implement two-wheelers since avoiding the sometimes endless crowds of cars will save us a great deal of our valuable time. This is where a very interesting electric bicycle comes into play, we are talking about the EB20 Folding Mountain Bike, a vehicle that will allow you to have multiple benefits when using it.

Buy EB20 Folding Mountain Bike From Gearbest


Definitely what we need from our means of transport is comfort and versatility, which adapts to our lifestyle and makes it easier for us, and in this aspect, the EB20 Folding Mountain Bike is ideal, mainly because of its folding capacity with which you can save money. Space, small by nature but made of sturdy materials with the aluminum alloy housing, a strategically placed LED light up front, with a plastic protector above the rear wheel to prevent splashing, comfortable padded seat, adjustable seat, and steering wheel. The EB20 Folding Mountain Bike has an approximate weight of 19 kilograms and you can get it in black color. This new EB20 Folding Mountain Bike has a design conceived for the comfort of the user. Thanks to its raised handlebar, a saddle placed down helps to have a correct posture at all times, this chair is made of waterproof PU foam.

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The wheels of the EB20 Folding Mountain Bike give it a better appearance. They are from the Cheng Shin tire brand, which guarantees great strength and resistance to weight. Therefore, they are magnificent 16-inch diameter wheels, ideally thick to improve maneuverability on sandy or muddy soils. Thanks to the rubber they are made of, they provide better grip and slip resistance. The EB20 Folding Mountain Bike has a 6.4Ah Li-ion battery. This ensures a charging time of up to 15 days as long as we only use it for 2 hours a day. But the best of all is that it will only take 4 hours to charge up to 100%. It should be noted that even if we run out of battery, our bicycles can continue to roll. But without access to any of its Smart functions.


The EB20 Folding Mountain Bike is the ideal option for those looking for a comfortable, light and environmentally friendly vehicle, the vehicle has an optimal performance battery, as well as features that will make the EB20 Folding Mountain Bike a vehicle adaptable to the different needs of users, from those who need a motor vehicle with which they can move effortlessly, to a comfortable exercise session with a traditional bicycle. We can buy it from Gearbest at $1,399 in Flash Sale.

Buy EB20 Folding Mountain Bike From Gearbest

Update on Aug. 17, 2020

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