EDIFIER TWSNB2 (Pro) Earphone Now Offered at $62.99


The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro TWS Earbuds will almost literally surround you with excellent sound quality. Several available modes allow you to customize their performance to your expectations, and the large 10mm diaphragm delivers crystal clear sound.

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Enjoy natural, crystal-clear sound. The headphones feature a complex 10mm diaphragm and support the AAC audio codec. They deliver perfectly balanced, detail-rich audio that will delight you. What’s more, hybrid noise cancellation eliminates unnecessary noise up to -38dB, allowing you to focus completely on the beauty of your favorite songs.


The Edifier NB2 Pro also supports the Edifier Connect application for use with headphones. can check the battery Can adjust the settings of various headphones, too much for the price Help us enjoy and control the use of Edifier TWS NB2 Pro more easily.

Sound Quality

Sound quality will be Distinguished in the sound of the strong bass area. The impact sounded fun, and the vocals and squealing sounded soft and neat. It also has a spatial sound effect (enabled in the Edifier Connect app) which gives its sound a wider soundstage. The sound dimension is larger. It helps to enhance the taste of listening to music for another taste. Discover your favorite songs anew with the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro wireless headphones. They will provide you with a natural and crystal clear sound. This enables, among other things, the use of a 10 mm diaphragm and support for the AAC audio codec. These solutions provide a richly detailed, perfectly balanced sound, delighting with its quality.

Hybrid active noise reduction

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Wireless Headphones are equipped with a hybrid noise reduction function, which will eliminate unwanted sounds with intensity down to -38 dB. This way you can fully focus only on listening to the music without worrying about the noisy surroundings.

For Gamers

Do you like to play games? Edifier has something special for you! With a special game mode, latency is reduced to 80ms for perfect video and audio synchronization. So you’ll instantly hear your opponents’ footsteps, anticipate their moves, never get caught off guard, and achieve another impressive victory!


Fully charged Edifier TWS NB2 Pro wireless headphones will let you use them for up to 9 hours with the noise reduction mode turned off. The charging case can extend this time to a maximum of 23 hours. This means that your music can accompany you even all day long. In addition, the NB2 Pro headphones support the fast charging function, so it only takes 15 minutes to gain another 2 hours of work.

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Where To Buy

So if you finally decided to buy EDIFIER TWSNB2 (Pro) with its all cons and pros so we have and discount offer for you right now, You can buy now it on AliExpress For Just $62.99 on the Flash sale. Click the following button to order now:

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