HAYLOU T15 TWS Earphones Now Offered at $22.70


The HAYLOU T15 TWS Earbuds offer great features to users due to its price. This wireless handsfree is compatible with Android and iOS phones and you will not have a problem with it. Features of the Hilo T15 wireless handsfree include Bluetooth 5 support, which allows it to connect very quickly to a variety of devices.

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The case designed for this handsfree also has a beautiful appearance and takes up little space. For this reason, you can easily move the HAYLOU T15. The earbuds itself is very small and designed to fit snugly inside the ear. The Haylou T15 headphones are controlled with a light touch using touch panels. Thanks to their comfortable shape and low weight, they are completely imperceptible and invisible when worn. The headphones are protected against water and dust according to the IPX5 standard. The charging box is made of the same matte black plastic. The cover has a magnetic connection and is well assembled. This means that there is no game when opening.

DSP Technology

Another feature of the T15 headphones is the use of DSP technology to reduce noise during calls. DSP technology helps improve call quality and HiFi audio playback. The Bluetooth 5 chip used in the headphones is also equipped with a new feature that improves the quality of communication between the headphones and does not cause frequent disconnection and connection between them. Other strengths of the T15 include support for SBC and AAC codecs.


After fully charging the earphones, you can listen to your music for 3.5 hours without interruption, and charge the earphones approximately 15 times with the charging case. In this way, you can increase your listening time up to 60 hours. You can charge your headphones with the included Micro USB charging cable. You can see the charging status of your charging box thanks to the LED next to the Micro USB port on the box. In addition, thanks to the LEDs in the charging box, you can see how much charge is left in the charging box, which has an internal battery of 2200mAh.


You can make phone calls with the sensitive microphone on the Haylou T15 Gaming Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset models, and you can maintain your communication with the quality you aim for thanks to the clear voices you transmit during the call.

You can control the digital personal assistants in the operating systems of smartphones with the help of the product, and you can easily complete your internet searches and other transactions without touching your phone. Since your Haylou T15 Gaming Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset can work separately, you can only pair the headset you need with your devices without any additional action, and you can continue the stereo listening process by activating the other headset instantly when needed.

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Where To Buy

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