Eglobal Mini Pc Computer Review: Powered by Intel Core i7th-Gen Barebone For Just $229.99 at Banggood (Flash Deal)


Eglobal Mini Pc Computer is designed for unique, office, home and training applications. Their compact size, durability, high reliability, universal performance, and low power requirement help users getting much better computing experience.

Buy Eglobal Mini Pc Computer at $229.99


Eglobal Mini Pc Computer smaller than A4 paper, some of them only 3.5-inch size, just like the HDD sized using it traditional fat computers. Most of those small sized mini pc can be mounted to the backside of the monitor and takes almost no space of your desk, make your desk more clear and smart. Eglobal Mini Pc Computer are highly integrated, fanless design makes it runs silent and no need extra maintenance like normal fat computers. And most of them using aluminum alloy computer case, very durable.


Eglobal Mini Pc Computer Equipped with Intel Intel I7-7260U CPU which is advanced in image processing and computing. Its high machine configuration gives you ultra-fast running speed and smooth image processing performance. With the HDMI 1.0 data output, it makes sure you can enjoy 4K movies. And it provides you a smooth experience to watch the videos or play games. With a USB 3.0 port, make the transmission faster than before. Its faster speed gives you higher working efficiency. On the other hand, V7 is also the best choice for your family entertainment, you can have your family members play games or watch TV shows together.


Eglobal Mini Pc using a 12V power supply, most of them power consumption from 15W to 30W, compare to 150W traditional pc’s consumption, it helps saving more than 80% energy. Eglobal Mini Pc is compatible with almost all popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux. You can use it as personal computer at home, or use it as HTPC to built your own home theater center, and also you can use it in offices, training centers, factories, internet cafe and everywhere that require computers. A practical home streaming media player, feel free to enjoy all your favorite movies, sports shows, and entertainment programs. And you can also save games, movies and TV shows you like. Eglobal Mini Pc Support the fast and powerful Win 10 operation system. Perfect for working, watching TV and playing games. Rapid, stable configuration coupled with the highly Win 10. Support dual-screen, reduce the waiting time, improve your work efficiency. Say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering.


Buy Eglobal Mini Pc Computer at $229.99

The Eglobal Mini Pc Computer is a very powerful device and remains one of the best smart mini-computers at the moment. All of its astounding features make it a must-have device, and its compatibility with a wide range of secondary sources has even made it all the better. Also, for features which it comes with, I make bold to say the price is a good deal. we can buy from Banggood at $229.99 in Flash Sale…


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