EKSA Xbox One Headset Gaming, PS4, PC Gaming with Noise Cancelling Mic (£5 voucher)


EKSA Xbox One Headset the headband structure for adjusted weight dissemination and diminished bracing power to boost comfort during protracted gaming meetings. One gaming headset for multi-stages, attachment and play, and definitive gaming experience.

EKSA Xbox One Headset


EKSA Xbox One Headset has the best design. Also, It’s being embraced by means of polymer breathable material, the E900 gaming headset is truly breathable even you wear it for quite a while. This headphone can disseminate the steamy warmth created by the full wrapped ear cotton so as to give you an invigorating encounter.

EKSA Xbox One Headset

More, It comes wit lightweight and Comfortable with a lightweight structure, E900 gaming headset is resolved to give an increasingly happy with gaming experience which permits you to center around the game.

EKSA Xbox One Headset


EKSA Xbox One Headset comes to with Sturdy Metal Frame. Also,  The metal casing headset is solid and strong enough to keep going along sessions. We embrace premium materials to address link quality issues available, making E900 gaming headset progressively tough and stable. EKSA Xbox One Headset E900 gaming amplifier is adaptable and retractable, helpful to utilize. What’s more, clamor dropping innovation decreases surrounding commotion for improving voice quality, to get your voice plainly and boisterously.

EKSA Xbox One Headset


Being tuned for gaming, E900 was created by genius gamers and game originators to convey lucidity and detail at each recurrence and volume level. EKSA E900 will be an ideal present for your kids, companions, or some other more youthful gamers.

We structure the E900 with phenomenal ergonomics. The selection of delicate and agreeable ear cotton makes gamers progressively agreeable while utilizing earphones. You won’t get awkward during long listening meetings.


EKSA Xbox One Headset has a metal packaging headset that is strong and extreme enough to prop up along meetings. We get premium materials to address connect quality issues accessibly. You can easily buy this from Amazon with a £5 voucher. 


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