Elephone AnyCharger Makes 4 Devices Charge At Once


Chinese smartphone manufacturer has not only made progress in smartphone, but also action camera, right now it released Elephone Any Charger, it seems Elephone will expand its product lines richer for its users. What’s special feature that Elephone Any Charger? Will it support quick charge?


According to Elephone, the charger will have 3 USB ports to support Quick charge 2.0. Laptop adapter are integrated in Any Charger which will clear the miscellaneous from the traditional adapter brought. Elephone Any Charger supports fast charging working with current of 2Amps and 5V, 9V, 12V supplies. It can charge four devices at the same time. Because you will find a fourth universal DC charging port for most laptops and notebooks.


How much about its price? Will this Elephone Any Charger can kill other domestic quick charger like Tronsmart?  Don’t confused it’s car charger not the power bank. Let’s wait and see the result about its price.


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