Elephone ELe-Box Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review with Coupon


Elephone right now has not only released smartphones, but also starts some new product lines, such as Elephone power bank, car charger, action camera, and Speaker, right now Elephone has officially released its first wireless speaker, called Ele-BOX, which is exquisite and light, you can enjoy the nice music from it when you go out for outdoor sports.


Elephone ELe-Box has  8.55 x 8.55 x 3.30 cm dimensions, 0.178 kg weight, it uses classical design, easy to carry or put in your bag, and it has white, pink and green three colors available. Currently, a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is more attractive and practical than those traditional design.

Hardware and Features

Elephone ELe-Box is compatible with  iPhone,iPod,Laptop,Mobile phone,MP3,MP4,MP5,PC,PSP,Tablet PC, etc , we believe most people have cellphone which can connect with this speaker by Bluetooth, then you can enjoy the music freely when you ride the ride, climb the mountain, and do other outdoor sports. Of course you can use the 3.5mm Audio Micro USB cable to connect with your PC to listen music conveniently. Besides, it is built in 1,000mAh battery which can work for 6 hours and need to charge in 3 hours.


Elephone Ele-Box is the newly designed bluetooth speaker which is useful and portable, right now it supports preordering at $19.38, but after using this coupon code: GB9% , you can catch one at 17.83usd. Just choose your favorite color you want now.


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