Elephone EleEnterGame2 , a Razor Chroma inspired Mechanical Keyboard


If you are one of those hardcore gamers, you surely have heard about the Razer Chroma keyboard, the one which is famous for its configurable colourful backlit. But as we all know Razer is like Apple for gamers, premium products for higher price. Gamers like us who cant afford such high devices, always look for cheap alternatives.So Gamers brace yourselves, the Elephone EleEnterGame2 is here.

After entering the gaming accessories industry with its first ever mechanical keyboard, the EleEnterGame1; Elephone wants to leave a mark by launching another mechanical keyboard, the EleEnterGame2. Lets see some techincal details now


Elephone is planning to use BYK816 chips, gaming grade core chip which will be responsible for speed on the Keyboard. The EleEnterGame2 is inspired by the Razor Chroma which has Intelligent RGB backlight system, and allows the users to customise the colours as per their need. It has mechanical buttons that means you get an ultrafast response and its TTC green axis promises a usage life of 60 million times.

EleEnterGame2 is cool, stylish and its suspended design makes it easy to clean. It has additonal Unique Windows key lock function and also has FN key combination as seen on the laptops. It is based on Gemini leading original color injection molding technology.

The Elephone EleEnterGame2 will be available worldwide and we can hope for Elephone to price it low as to conquer the budget gaming sector. Will this really be a Chroma competitor? By the way, enjoy 5% off coupon code: 5KeyboardMouse now.


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