Elephone P9000 and P9000 Lite to get CM13 Beta Firmware


As we know the most important thing that keeps us engages in a smartphone after it has been with us for a while is its software features. We may enjoy a new phones look, build quality and design for a while but after some time it gets boring( cover may play an important role in changing that). This is where the software plays an important role and if you can use custom launchers and themes to change the look and feel of the device. But for some that too isn’t enough, so we have custom ROMs, to tweak your system, change whatever you want to, the way you want to is possible in this scenario and also you get some previously unavailable features which your manufacturer may not have given. When it comes to custom ROMs one names pops up in everybody’s mind ‘CyanogenMod’ the custom ROM turned Company.


As it appears to be the latest offering from CyanogenMod the CM13 is available in Beta form for none other than Elephone P9000 and P9000 Lite smartphones. Elephone has been active in providing software updates to its customers after the release of its smartphones which is very great from the perspective of a user.

The beta version of the CM13 firmware for Elephone P9000 and Elephone P9000 Lite have been rolled out. If you want to try this firmware on your device then download links are below:

Elephone P9000 : Click here

Elephone P9000 Lite : Click here

Altough it is Beta , it should be noted that before you go ahead flash any of the above mentioned ROMs on your phones that you take proper back ups before you flash your phones , just in any case anything goes wrong, check properly what phone you have P9000 or P9000 Lite, further you will lose your warranty by flashing it.

If you are okay with the above terms then get ready to enjoy all the new features, tweaks, customisations that CM 13 has to offer on you Elephone P000 and Elephone P9000 Lite. CyanogenMod is indeed great to have on your smartphone always.



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