Elephone P9000 Android7.0 ROM is Coming Soon


Since Android7.0 OS released, more and more manufacturers are developing the smartphones to Android7.0 OS, such as Google Nexus, HTC, etc. Right now Elephone released the latest news that they will upgrade Elephone P9000 to Android7.0 OS. If so, it will highly improve the operating speed of the phone in apps, softwares, etc.


If Elephone P9000 finished upgrading of Android7.0 OS, then the phone will enjoy such functions as Split – screen window, Emoji extension expressions, Traffic rights management, etc. In order to meet the demand of users, engineers in Elephone has brought the adaptation development program on the agenda immediately after the launch of Android 7.0.At present, the adaptation development program of Elephone P9000 is being developed urgently, screen light work has been accomplished already.

It’s said Elephone P9000 will completely upgrade to Android7.0 in mid-November, and after they finished upgrading, they will start to sell Elephone P9000 android7.0 version. If those users bought Elephone P9000, they will get the notification to update it to Android7.0 OS by OTA. Elephone is expected to become the first brand to upgrade to Android7.0 except Nexus.

Therefore, do you want to experience the new Android7.0 OS on Elephone P9000 soon? After all, Elephone P9000 is the flagship of P series on sale until now. Stay tuned for more later.


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