Elephone Present New Pop-up Camera Smartphone with Cutting Edge Features at HK Tech Expo


Elephone will once again be taking part at the prestigious Hong Kong technology expo this week, and as usual, we’ll have some amazing devices on display including a few that have never seen the light of day before. Elephone is now building very interesting smartphones and currently seems to be working on something new again. The manufacturer is working on a new smartphone with a very high ratio of display to housing. In fact, the smartphone will be almost completely borderless and that without a disturbing notch for many.

Elephone is based on the design of the Vivo Nex and sets like the big role model on a pop-out camera. The front camera is therefore in an extendable module, which appears only when needed and thus creates more space for the display. Elephone goes one step further and not only equips the pop-out module with a single sensor but also installs a dual camera. In addition, you move the module into the middle of the smartphone. On the Vivo Nex, the module is slightly offset in the left area.

Elephone’s designers and engineers have been closely following the latest trends and advancements to create a stunning new flagship device which we will be proudly showing to the world very shortly.

This new handset will become part of the class-leading ‘U’ range of top-of-the-range phones and as such will feature cutting-edge features, enhancements in performance, the latest biometric security features all wrapped in a stunning panoramic design. The Elephone U2 will try to win your heart with new Helio P60 processor, pop-up front double camera and full three camera sensors in the back.

The Elephone U2 Pro will provide also a pop-up camera, but a joint one for both rear and selfie cams so the back panel seems fully empty. And the phone will also get the under-screen fingerprint to unlock so keeping up with the modern tech in every aspect.

The pop-up camera seems to be a recurring trend with the new Elephone models because also the Elephone PX will have it for the selfie dual cams. It also carries 6,34-inch HD+ 18:9 screen, which would imply the model being directed more to the midrange part of the market.

Elephone doesn’t want to spoil all the details, but expect a few surprises to ‘pop up’. If you’re planning to visit to attend the show, you should definitely pay the Elephone booth a visit to see their upcoming flagship from up close. Learn more about the company on their official website.


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