Elephone PX Showing Camera Lifting Mechanism in Gif Like The Vivo NEX


Vivo NEX introduced the concept of a pop-up camera to eliminate frames around the screen. Now the Chinese manufacturer Elephone launches a mobile with this feature, a larger and emerging camera in its Elephone PX model. But unlike the Vivo NEX, which incorporates a single pop-up camera, it is said that the next Elephone PX smartphone will have two pop-up cameras for taking selfies.

As we can see in the Gif, we notice in the short GIF is the dual camera setup on the lifted module. If this were to be confirmed, it could be a very unique feature for the upcoming Elephone PX. Phone manufacturers have already put a camera that pops up, and two cameras at the front, but nobody ever made a lifting camera module with dual shooters.

The Elephone PX will include a small motor that will allow the housing where the emerging cameras are housed to go up and down without problems. Considering that they are two cameras, the engine has to be powerful enough to push it quickly.

We can see that basically, the Elephone company is working on a clone of the Huawei P20 Pro and the Vivo NEX since it incorporates the triple camera of the P20 Pro and the emerging camera concept implemented in the Vivo NEX smartphone.

What advantages do you think the use of the Elephone PX emergent camera has with respect to the use of the conventional camera?


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