Elephone Ready to Launch Bunch of Notch Display Phones Also Popup Camera And Triple Camera Included


A few days ago, Elephone revealed a new smartphone sporting a triple camera setup. The smartphone has once again appeared but this time sporting an automatic camera pop-up mechanism. Today New Notch Lineup ELEPHONE PXELEPHONE PX Mini, ELEPHONE P60, ELEPHONE A5, ELEPHONE SX and ELEPHONE A4 Pro, all appear on the official elephone website and are recently added. It seems that these are the models we are most likely to expect by the end of 2018, we also include the 3-room model or the Vivo Nex S- like a model.

Elephone’s have not released many models this year, and I find it hard to believe that all the phones we’ve listed in the title will catch up. Probably will be 2 or 3 soon and the rest remains to be seen.

Besides the one with the motorized camera, all seem to resemble each other. All have a notch and 2 or 3 main photo cameras. Unfortunately, we have no price details and we do not know the technical specifications either. Since we do not know technical data, there is no point in speculation. you see these 4 new models without any further comments.

Elephone was going to make a phone inspired by the successful Huawei P20 Pro. Today, that thought seems to be very close to reality when the Chinese phone manufacturer launches a short video of the phone. We still need to know if the front part of the image as a filtered image of a model called Elephone PX or is another model. And if this PX is real or not, because it looks very good.

Well, then, what do we see in the video? I think it’s pretty clear and safe to say that what we see is a Huawei P20 Pro but with the Elephone logo. What in itself is not bad since all the cameras are real and help to obtain better images.

However, it is really exciting to see Elephone working on its next flagship since the phone manufacturer is always trying to bring the latest trends to the masses by producing cheaper devices.


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