Elephone Released ELE Whisper Noise-cancelling Earphone


Today is a big day for most manufacturers, including Elephone, which has released a ELE Whisper Noise-cancelling Earphone, it has used China Aeropace noise-cancelling technology, and it reached 35dB depth noise reduction in order to build  a quiet individual space without any disturbance for its users.


ELE Whisper is powered by military-grade CASC863A chips, which allows it to reduce most of the ambient noise up to 35 dB intensity in the 4000 Hz range to ensure a high-quality sound output. As for its design, it  has food-grade silicone earbuds, which is very comfortable for our ears.This kind of ergonomic shape ensured optimal fit and a further acoustic insulation for total music enjoyment.



About  Ele whisper in-ear earphone feature, it can support one-key control, which enables us to switch the music or phone calling freely. It is built in  24mAh battery, which can support up to 25 hours at the rate of  0.96 mA per hour, and CASC863A chips is the best solution for power saving rate less than 1 mA per hour. Therefore, this earphone is outstanding for up to one week usage for users.


Right now Elephone Ele Whisper earphone will be the new one to compete with Xiaomi earphone not only in design, hardware, battery, usage but also in price we believe. So are you ready to have a nice experience? You can use this Coupon Code: IGEEKEELE  to get it at the price of  $76.39 .


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