Elephone S7 Smartphone| Helio X25, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, Curved JDI Design| 5 Attractive Reasons You Never Miss| Price Just $129.99


With the S7, Elephone has not complicated life: it takes the name of the flagship of Samsung and even draws inspiration from its curves. The rest of his technical sheet remains well below his model. Will that be enough to make a good smartphone?

1. Design

The design of the case with soft lines makes it look like a transparent emerald. In addition, the thin back panel consists of 15 special protrusions, which, when hit by light rays, can create a unique pattern, which in its beauty is not inferior to the Northern Lights. Thanks to the sandblasting process, the metal frame of the black S7 smartphone has a delicate matte texture. And with the help of a special master polishing process, which consists of many complex processes, the smartphone has a glossy and glossy back panel. A delightful combination of a black frame and a black back panel demonstrates a clean and seamless black smartphone. Who would have thought that black color could be so beautiful?

2. Display

The 5.5-inch display with full lamination technology and In-Cell technology from JDI looks thinner, brighter and can offer the user a stunning visual effect. Innovative technologies allow the screen to have a super fast response speed to touch. The display is brightly lit and clearly visible even in pitch darkness using up to 1 nit brightness, and Blue Light Filter technology will always take care of your eyesight.

3. Hardware

The newest processor Helio X20 has a revolutionary three-cluster architecture and ten cores. This three-cluster design of the Helio X20 processor is excellent for reducing power consumption, and in combination with 20nm process technology, the reduction in power consumption can be reduced by 30%, which is more than in a two-cluster design and cope with a variety of usage scenarios. Also, an energy-saving algorithm was integrated at the kernel level, special optimization was done for tens of thousands of usage scenarios, and three clusters were reasonably distributed in order to simultaneously obtain good performance and endurance of the processor. Thanks to the powerful 10-core 64-bit processor and 4GB of RAM, you can quickly launch applications, play games, listen to music, conduct microblogging, watch movies and quietly do several tasks simultaneously in multitasking mode. The smartphone will continue to work without interruption, even after a long period of use. 64GB ROM internal memory and support for additional external memory up to 128 GB allows you to store on your smartphone an incredible amount of photos and music, without worrying that you may not be enough for them.

4. Camera

The front camera of 13 Megapixels combined with the large aperture F2.2 allows you to take photos with a lot of details, which, thanks to the HDR mode in real time, are obtained in photos more clearly. Electronic stabilizers prevent the blurring of photos. Photos with the character – all due to sharpness. The 5 MP front camera has an auto-face-beauty function that helps create great selfies. Even in dim lighting, this function will allow you to look beautiful from any point of shooting.

5. Battery & Features

Level optimization system and reasonable optimization program OS Android 6.0 allow you to free up more RAM memory for faster system performance. The smartphone has time to fully charge, while you are enjoying a cup of coffee. Quick charging technology increases the charging time of your smartphone, thus saving your time and increasing your productivity. Elephone S7 has a classic drawer for two SIM cards or one SIM card and memory card. Elephone s7 supports 4G LTE bands that can be enjoyed by almost all Czech users. Of the complete 1800, 2100, 2600, 800, 900 MHz frequencies, only 900 Mhz is missing. LTE otherwise runs on both slots. It will surely please the Turbo downloads feature. The mobile phone also supports WiFi, GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS, FM Radio, which is a nice bonus and more, which can be found in the parameters tab. The reader itself is very fast and the user’s finger recognizes within 0.1 seconds. Here is the button where you can find a fingerprint reader that offers a sensor button with the Home function and the third function is triggered by a more powerful push of a button that will then offer you your running applications. Elephone S7 allows you to define up to five fingerprints.

Where To Shop

The Elephone S7 is not only an imitation of the flagship Samsung and meets the expectations of a mid-range current. Elephone S7 is now avaialble on COOLICOOl in Just $129.99.


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