Elephone S7(4+64GB/3+32&16GB)_Android 6.0_20170218 OTA update [Stock ROM]


Elephone S7 as one of the most beautiful smartphone in its S series has released its stock ROM for Android6.0 OTA update , if you are looking for Elephone S7 stock ROM for updating your phone or fixing your phone’s issue.

The latest ROM for elephone S7 3GB/4GB version:

1. Added indicator LED setting
2. The vibration that happened with touch on the home button can be switched off.
3. Modified the minimum brightness of the display.
4. Added screen-record function
5. Optimize the Russian translation of the system
6. Optimize the dial-up interface, reduced the lag.
7. Weakened the vibration.
8. Modified the clock widget, resolved the date-display problem that happened with a few language options.
9. Optimize the stability of Android keyboard.
10. Optimized the battery management.


S7_3g_20170218121438_v1.6.zip 1.14 GB

S7_4g_20170218125324_v2.0.zip 1.14 GB

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