Elephone S8 6.0 inch 4GB + 64GB Design, Hardware, Features Review by @GEARBEST


The Elephone S8 becomes available to pre-order on GEARBEST.This is the latest smartphone to come through from Elephone and one which looks to check many of the boxes when it comes to new features. Offering consumers a number of high-profile selling points, while still managing to maintain a very competitive price point.Very soon, the- smartphone Elephone S8 will be in the hands of the first buyers.

DESIGNElephone S8 has a back cover made of 3D curved glass that glitters like a diamond. At the same time, the S8 logo was created using a special mirror material, which is very effective and attractive. Such trifles prove that ELEPHONE makes great efforts to create an interesting design.The Elephone S8 has a lot in common with the predecessor Elephone S7, but it looks much brighter and more attractive.It is reported that, in comparison with the Lumia glass used for the Elephone S7 case, when manufacturing the Elephone S8 panel, 7 steps of the production process were applied more. The S8 logo printed on the panel is made using a special reflective material that gives the logo a spectacular look.

FEATURESThe case of the smartphone consists of glass and aluminum. In general, the Elephone S8 is very similar to Mi Mix Xiaomi, although the lower frame here is thicker. The manufacturer has kept a strip about a centimeter in width below to accommodate the front camera and the Home button. It is a fingerprint scanner. The smartphone supports WiFi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth, GPS, USB Type-C port and two Nano SIM cards.Elephone S8 Has a pre-installed Android operating system 7.1.1 Nougat. More details about the Elephone S8 can be found on the official website of Elephone.

DISPLAYThe Elephone S8 is equipped with a Sharp display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is the first smartphone, which has a 2K-screen, which is deprived of frames on three sides. 92.4% of the front of the case is occupied by a screen, which is an impressive indicator of “frameless ness”.Protection of the screen from damage is provided by a strong Corning Gorilla 4 glass.

HARDWAREUnder the hood, there would be a deca-core Helio X27 processor with a tri-cluster configuration that should be running at speeds of 2.6GHz. The handset would be featuring a 64GB ROM which we doubt needs any more expansion.As for the RAM size, we are still in the dark but since 4GB RAM smartphones are becoming the main stream now and we have also seen Elephone make the official one, so there is a high chance that we might just see them go for the large RAM again.

On the one hand, a battery with a large capacity Nothing more and nothing less than 4000 mAh.the capacious 4000mAh battery that simply does not make it possible to find at least one drawback in this ideal mobile assistant.

The Elephone S8 comes with a 21-megapixel rear camera using the Sony sensor, which allows you to take pictures with high resolution and quality. The resolution of the front camera based on the Sony sensor is 8 Mp.

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