Elephone Soldier Teardown: Easy to Disassemble it, Reveals The Secrets of the Internal in Video


Elephone has introduced his first Outdoor Smartphone with the SoldierThe Elephone Soldier packs an Helio X25 processor and a display in the classic 16: 9 format with 2k resolution in a waterproof (IP68) housing with an independent and very appealing design. The Helio X25 is not the latest processor, but still offers quite a bit of power and helps to keep the price low. Already from $179.99 you are there.

Since it is an outdoor smartphone, the Elephone Soldier is not only waterproof but also sturdy. Nevertheless, the reparability is not left behind. In a Teardown video, Elephone demonstrates how easy it is to open up the Soldier and disassemble it into its individual parts. An assembly is still possible after that, as the video also shows. You do not need a lot of tools for this. Who wants to change the battery in the future has (if there are spare parts) easy game. The cell is glued but can be solved easily thanks to pulling tabs. You can do without heat or even solvents.

The Elephone Soldier comes with a couple of spectacular features. For one, it prides itself as the first IP68 waterproof rugged phone with a 2K display. Apart from that, the device gets its power from a mammoth 5000mAh battery that can deliver up to 20 days of standby time. Other specs are pretty respectable such as a Deca-core Helio X25 SoC accompanied by 4GB/64GB and 4GB/128GB memory combos. Also, there will be a SONY 21 MP Rear Camera + SAMSUNG 16 MP Front Camera, 5000mAh battery, Android 8.0 System, physical compass, and an SOS button.

If you looking for a rugged smartphone, you end up less than great phone, but that is not the case with the Elephone Soldier which is currently on exclusive pre-sale launch in efox-shop.com priced at amazing unbeatable value of only $179.99 from Sep 14th to Oct 4th, so check out the awesome list of all it’s rugged and powerful features, you will be amazed what this smartphone can ready do and handle what life throws at it! Click here if you want to know more about Elephone Soldier go on Official Elephone Website.


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