Elephone U Pro NFC Chip Will Serve Multiple Purposes


Yesterday Elephone was announced that it’ll change the name of Elephone S9 to Elephone U. The Elephone S9 pro can accordingly come under the name Elephone U pro on the market. As far as the backgrounds are concerned, Elephone states that they’re responding to community feedback, according to which the devices are technically too similar to other makers. whether this sudden modification makes sense is an open question. we like the new name but somehow already.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Elephone has suddenly modified the name of a previously announced smartphone. the same thing was finished the Elephone P8. Originally, this smartphone “Elephone P25” should come on the market.

As we informed you in previous news, the Elephone U pro will be that includes NFC chip and it is quite misunderstood as some users don’t even understand it’s there. all the same, it’s quite useful because it will serve multiple purposes. Are you bored with packaging your wallet, bus card and much of things once you go out? NFC assist you clear all this and lighten your bag as you’ll use NFC to enter the subway or recharge your bus ticket, even use it to form contactless payments. Also, you’ll transfer files between devices much quicker than Bluetooth.

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