Elephone U Pro smartphone Review: Best Alternative of Galaxy S9 (Coupon Included)


Currently MWC 2018 is very hot, which is the best platform for those manufacturers to show their latest products, as we know, Samsung has released its latest flagship, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus, but for most common people, they can not afford to buy them, however, we can change our attention to the other latest and beautiful smartphone Elephone U Pro as the best alternative of Galaxy S9, right now we will make  the review about Elephone U Pro smartphone to let you know it is worthwhile to try.


Elephone U Pro is a fairly bold clone of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the U Pro does a remarkable job of recreating not just the slim bezels and rounded display corners, but also the beautiful dual curves of the screen. Even to trained eyes, it’s very hard to tell the difference between the U Pro and Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 just by looking at the front.

The back of the U Pro uses Gorilla Glass 5 and has the same vertically adjusted double camera and unique mark format as the Galaxy S9.

Unless you completely can’t stand copycats, the U Pro’s outline will inspire. It’s a dazzling telephone – in all honesty, it’s astonishing that a little, generally obscure organization can make something that approximates the look, feel and craftsmanship of a lead item from an organization with such limitlessly predominant assets. And its 5.99 inch 2160 x 1080 pixels Corning Gorilla Glass Screen 5 will bring you best vision to watch videos.


There are two more keys  for the U Pro when contrasted with other small Chinese phones’ brands: the first is that it keeps running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset, rather than the significantly less expensive MediaTek processors that all other spending Chinese brands and Elephone beforehand utilized. Presently, the 660 chipset is Qualcomm’s mid-level SoC (framework on chip), yet the way that Elephone is working with Qualcomm (which requires permitting charges from makers) is another sign the organization is making a push to go genuine as opposed to depending on MediaTek like most spending brands. The SD 660 is more than sufficiently intense to deal with all cell phone assignments and recreations, just not at the speed of the 835 that forces Samsung and LG telephones. Besides, it has two versions, RAM 4GB+ROM 64GB internal storage and RAM 6GB ROM 128GB one.

If you care about benchmarks, I ran the U Pro through GeekBench and PC Mark and it scored respectably in both: 1,559/5,197 in single/multi-core for GeekBench and 5,423 in PC Mark. The 6GB of RAM and Android 8.0 really helped the Snapdragon 660 overachieve.

Software and features

Elephone U Pro, shockingly, ships with the most recent form of Android 8.0. This is another irregularity in the shoddy Shenzhen telephone showcase, where models typically transport with more seasoned forms of Android since they are less demanding to source in China without experiencing Google (and paying its expenses) authoritatively.

Also, the product encounter is in reality entirely great. Elephone’s Android UI is clean, and its greatest expansion is an appreciated one: the U Pro gives clients a chance to get rid of the customary Android route catches for swiping motions from the base of the screen.

In the wake of utilizing the iPhone X and making the most of its swipe-based route, I discover the Android catches dated. What Elephone putting forth here is a ground breaking thought that Google will most likely execute sooner or later.


U Pro has 8.0MP front camera and 13.0MP + 13.0MP dual rear cameras. The camera application is somewhat confused to utilize yet has a heap of shooting modes, including extremely fun channels that can be utilized for photographs and recordings.

The U Pro’s screen is quick and photographs are shockingly all around adjusted. It suffers in low light circumstances, in any case. The following are more photograph tests.


It is built in 3,550mAh battery, with Android 8.0 OS and 1080p screen optimization, it can support almost one day to use, even better and longer than that of Huawei Mate 10 Pro.


Elephone U Pro is the best smartphone to be released until now for Elephone, couple with its gorgeous curved design, similarity of Galaxy S9, Elephone U Pro can be regarded as a high-end smartphone with Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.2GHz processor, Corning Gorilla Glass Screen 5 screen, and triple camera, face ID, etc. We even can not use words to express what we feel about this amazing phone. Right now Elephone U Pro starts to sell officially, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB version enjoys coupon code: GBMBP at $408.27.

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