ELEPHONE U2 Still in Production Coming Soon: Two Glass Panel Images Released


It’s been over three months since we lost track of the Elephone U2 smartphone. Now, this device is again news and we have received new information that the smartphone is still in the process of manufacturing. Two new images of the Elephone U2 have just come to light, a mobile phone that we had not known about for some time, but now it seems that it is confirmed that the company is still working on its launch.

It is Elephone itself from its offices who has released these two images where we can see the glass panel of this phone. This front panel shows a clean screen without any type of notch and with very small bevels on the sides as well as on the top and bottom.

Directly from ELEPHONE come two new pictures showing the glass panel for the ELEPHONE U2 shown in their offices so we can just hope they are slowly beginning to assemble the actual phone. The specs are partially still a mystery because on the website are only highlighted few of those.

Like the 6,26-inch display, pop-up dual selfie camera, triple rear cameras, Android 9 Pie system or unspecified “Translator” feature, whatever that means. That’s all folks, so let’s hope they are actually closing on releasing it because the delay is crippling its prospects significantly.

In the meantime they at least pushed out the new ELEPHONE A6 Mini affordable model sporting 5,71-inch HD+ screen, Helio A22 processor, 4GB+32GB/64GB memory combo, 16MP+2MP dual rear cameras, 16MP selfie shooter, 3180 mAh battery, side mounted fingerprint scanner and Android 9 Pie system. That all for the current sale on Banggood, only $99.99 price, Not bad at all.

About the launch date or the price of the Elephone U2, we do not have any data to offer for now. The only thing would be to say that its price will be affordable as it usually happens with most terminals that the Elephone market. What do you think about the delay that the Elephone U2 smartphone has had? Do you think this will affect the reputation of the company?


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  1. Think the boat has sailed on the popup camera design. Interesting that Elephone have still pushed production. My guess is that they’ve sunk in too much money to back out. Also my guess price wise will be around the high end of the mid budget price bracket so £250-£300 $350/$400. I can think of at least 4 phones cheaper and more up to date I’d rather have. By summer end, I’d expect this to have a massive price drop to around the $200 range just to get rid of the stock. Shame because it looks like an amazing device… 5 months ago

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