EMAX Tinyhawk II Review – Indoor FPV Racing Drone For Just $104.99 at TOMTOP (230 pcs limited)


The tinyhawk 2 is the newest brushless whoop quadcopter from Emax. The Emax Tinyhawk II makes a bunch of changes to make this one of the best all-round whoops available. The TinyHawk II is a micro brushless quadcopter equipped with an amazing F4 processor, FPV camera, and brushless motors with durable ball bearings. Compatible with 1S and 2S lipo.

Buy EMAX Tinyhawk II Indoor FPV Racing Drone from TOMTOP


The Emax Tinyhawk II racing drone is programmed with 3 difficulty levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginner mode will allow any beginner to learn and master flying! The intermediate mode will allow you to have more freedom, the advanced mode is design for professional players, the aircraft is more sensitive. With the higher speed capabilities, the tinyhawk ll frame had to be redesigned from the ground up to increase the durability. The result is a refreshing take on the unique aerodynamic properties of the tinyhawk. With a built-in throttle response LED system which increased in brightness depending on the throttle input of each motor.

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Emax Tinyhawk II Featuring motors that have a 7% increase in power, faster propeller speeds are achievable allowing an increase in speed, giving pilots an edge against the competition. To compensate for the higher achievable speeds when utilizing higher voltage batteries, the Emax Tinyhawk II features an adjustable camera mount, allowing pilots the ability to customize their preferred angle of flight. BNF version, 700TVL camera, Real-time Hobby-grade FPV Video Transmission System. The first-view drone model, giving you the first visual experience of flying a drone. The Race drone can be use with FPV glasses.

Known for its crisp colors, wide dynamic range, and sharp optics. Modifying the video transmitter with more filters and power has allowed the Tinyhawk ll to have a cleaner video than ever on 25mw. Emax Tinyhawk II the indoor standard as well as 100mw and 200mw options for an increased range. And object penetration while experiencing crystal clear video. This Tinyhawk II is now both 1s and 2s capable right out of the box. This is ideal when flying indoors (or a beginner) you can use the 1S lipo for more control. But when you want to rip around larger areas plug in the 2S and set the rate profile to 2 and you will have loads of instant power. Other improvements include a fully adjustable camera angle along with refreshed electronics inside.


By bringing racing standards into the Emax Tinyhawk II, any pilot will be able to experience top of the performance of the RC racing drone, pilots can navigate their aircraft in a variety of situations. BNF version doesn’t include the remote controller. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $104.99 in Flash Sale 230 pcs limited

Buy EMAX Tinyhawk II Indoor FPV Racing Drone from TOMTOP


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