EMAX Tinyhawk S Review: FPV Racing Brushless Drone For Just $99.99 at TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone is the second generation of the TinyHawk. It adopts a new power system, which allows you to achieve 20% more flight time and using both 1s and 2s lipo battery on it. For micro size indoor fpv racing drone, the Emax Tinyhawk S is a great choice. The EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone offers incredible performance, thanks to a powerful F4 processor and ultra-fast gyro system, creating the most stable flight experience ever in a mini race drone.

Buy EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone at $99.99


The EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone is a perfect FPV drone to start the hobby, it is easy to fly and made out of durable components and plastics to ensure long-lasting quality. Emax Tinyhawk S comes in this occasion in black, has emphasized the durability and is now more robust, which means that it will better withstand strong impacts. It maintains the original size, 75 mm of the motor to motor, a standard distance that turns it into very handy both in indoor flights and abroad. The design is also maintained, with an aggressive look. The total weight of this Emax is 30 grams without a battery, a weight that as a whole performs very well in flight. The Tinyhawk encapsulated the technological advancements made within the microdrone field, designed to fully realize the potential performance of a drone the size of the palm of your hand. But the engineers at EMAX didn’t stop there. With further advancements pushing the boundaries within this miniature scale, the Tinyhawk S was born.


The Tinyhawk S gets its energy from 2S batteries! This gives it a little more power than the first model and, according to the manufacturer, a 20% longer range. The motors are brushless 0802 to 15500KV driven by a 4 in 1 ESC of 5A for 4-blade Avan TH propellers. These propellers are similar to those that could be added later on the Tinyhawk and which offered sufficient power to turn the aircraft into “Flip over after crash” mode (see here). The flight controller is a MatekF411 based on an F4 processor, with an active OSD and an easy-to-access microUSB connector. The camera is a 600TVL associated with a 5.8 GHz video receiver with 37 channels and a power of 25 mW (authorized in France). The Tinyhawk S can be powered with 1S, like its predecessor, with a PST PH2.0 plug, so you can reuse the batteries. But it is also able to take advantage of 2S batteries, with the same connector.


Buy EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone at $99.99

EMAX Tinyhawk S FPV Racing Drone packs with this micro FPV drone two 1s/450mAh flight batteries, one set of spare propellers and a 3-way battery charger. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $99.99 by Using Coupon Code: HTTHKY with Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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