ENGWE EP-2 Pro Folding Bike Now Offered at 999.99euros [Coupon Deal]


Here is the Engwe EP 2 Pro Bike, a folding ebike with large Fat wheels. Its frame is made of aluminum and thanks to the central mechanism you can fold the electric bike in two, considerably reducing the bulk, for easier transport.

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The Engwe EP2 Pro Bike is certified – complies with the CE standard and has a 3C safety certificate. Designed to provide the best driving experience with easy operation. The ENGWE EP-2 PRO features high-wear and ultra-stick 20-inch tires that improve handling on wet or slippery road surfaces. Effectively ensures smooth rolling and safe braking on rainy days. Splash-proof mudguards, great luggage compartment, non-slip folding pedals. The bike complies with the IPX5 standard. Ideal for driving in harsh conditions, sandy, wet roads.

The Engwe EP2 Pro is a convenient, practical, and environmentally friendly means of transportation. You’ll fold in just 10 seconds. In the 3-step folding system, the bike is fully folded – folded in half, and the steering wheel and pedals are folded down. Compact, convenient to transport in the trunk of the car, to take in the elevator, to take home or office. The folding frame is all very strong and well-assembled aluminum alloy, the whole bike weighs about 30 kg. When unfolded, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro grows to a size of 167 x 53 x 118 cm. This makes it hardly smaller than a full-fledged bicycle.


A highlight is the fat 20 x 4-inch tires, which ultimately turn the ENGWE EP-2 Pro into an e-fat bike or e-fatty. A significant advantage over conventional e-bikes is the high level of off-road capability of e-fat bikes. The wide tires not only offer better traction but are usually only filled with 0.2 to 0.8 bar. This in turn ensures a particularly shock-absorbing effect.

7 Speeds

Engwe EP2 Pro Folding electric bike with front and rear disc brake and 7 rear Shimano gears, you can choose any speed to enjoy a faster ride or experience a relaxing vacation according to your needs. Perfect brakes fully protect your safety.


The Engwe EP-2 Pro is a fast, snappy, and super comfortable electric fat bike to use. It arrives with a maximum speed blocked at 25 Km/h to be perfectly in compliance with the law. Thanks to the Shimano shifter, the chassis is slightly better than other e-bikes, which means that it will be much more pleasant to modulate your riding style through the shifter. It has a 750W motor capable of reaching 45 kilometers per hour, in addition to offering a small gearbox with up to six different modes depending on the pedaling assistance we need. From a practically complete program that saves us from making any effort to another that helps us intelligently depending on the complexity of the terrain, we are driving on.


Let’s now pass to the analysis of the technical characteristics of Engwe’s e-bike which uses a 750Watt electric motor inserted in the rear hub and powered by a 48V 12.8Ah lithium battery. The engine can be controlled directly, even without pedaling, thanks to the presence of the throttle grip on the handlebar.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: 6EGXW0IS

Buy ENGWE EP-2 Pro on Geekbuying


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