Enjoy in the house with a remote controlled Inflatable Flying Toy Shark and outside at your joyride with your bike with a ROSWHEEL Waterproof Bike Bag


I guess you must have seen on the TV flying sharks and clownfish in parties. I guess and you must have thought how to get one. Now you have the option, to get a flying shark from Lightinthebox. As for your walks with your mobile, you can get the ROSWHEEL® Bike Bag.

The Flying Toy Shark weights 0.427kg and it’s dimensions are 144 x 86cm. The shark is made out of durable nylon and is in blue. You can very easily control the shark, as it comes with a remote that has 2 buttons. The one button is for up and down and the other is for making the tail to move, so it can fly.

All you have to do is fill the shark with helium so it can fly in the air, When is fully inflated, it can hold for 2-3 weeks. Take notice that the shark is reaaalllyyy big! It’s not an average balloon that a kid plays with. I bet anyone in the party will be thrilled with a flying shark among them.

After the party or during the weekend you can grab your ROSWHEEL Waterproof Bike Bag, put inside your mobile so it wont have any problem from water or dust and start riding along the countryside. The bag is Wearable, Skidproof, with a Reflective Strip, Waterproof, and with a Touch Screen to use your mobile.

It can take almost all big resolution. The dimensions of the bag is 6  x 8.5 x 7.5cm. You can place it in a such way that you can use the mobile even inside from the bag. You can attach a cable in your mobile for earphones or for power. It comes out in Red, Green and Blue .

You can find and the flying shark toy and the bag at Lightinthebox. The ROSWHEEL Waterproof Bike Bag costs only 6.99$ and the flying shark for 14.99$! So go over there and get them all!

Update: flying shark coupon code: TOY4008700  SP: $9.9


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